Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek – Gurkha, about 25 km north of Abu Khaireni, is the historic home of the brave Gurkha people. The Gurkha originated in the Himalayan valleys of north-central Nepal 300 years ago when Prithvi Narayan Shah divided all the competing kingdoms of Nepal into one kingdom into 50 separate states.

The place is rich in historical and cultural value and natural beauty. One can spend the entire trip doing nothing but looking at the surrounding green mountains and valleys.

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

Below we have compiled a list of top 10 places to visit in Gorkha, Nepal: 1. Gorkha Museum

How Nepal First Came To Open Its Doors To Tourism

The Gorkha Museum has an impressive collection of historical artefacts, musical instruments, traditional weapons like pistols, cannons and spears. Our brave ancestors used those weapons. Each level of the museum is systematically classified according to the type of equipment.

Copper and gold coins are kept on the fourth floor of the museum. These coins were used by King Prithvi Narayana Shah to buy weapons from other countries.

Visit this museum at least once when you are in Gorkha. Because you only need an hour to see the whole museum. Windows and doors are of good quality. It charges an entry fee and requires permission to take photos.

Bhimsen Park is about 2 km walk from Gorkha Durbar. The park is associated with the history of the first Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa. During Dashain, Bhimsen Thapa’s ancestors performed rituals in the park after offering prayers at the Gorkhali Durbar.

Manaslu Trek Detail Itinerary

They worshiped in the garden and sacrificed animals, but the royal family bore the expenses of the ceremonies. However, after the slaughter of the dynasty, the Thapa family stopped this practice. After that, the local Gurkhas took over the custom. The main attraction of the park is Bhimsen Thapa’s monument on the peak.

Laprak Hamlet is a small trekking place in Gorkha and the starting point of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

It is a small and beautiful village of Gurung where many travelers come for homestay. Laprak village is one of the ideal places to get to know the Gurung community, their culture and their way of life.

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

Gurung Hill, the highest peak, rises above the village of Laprak. Tourists can see beautiful views of Ganesh and Manaslu Himal mountains.

Trekking Around Manaslu Circuit

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati. Hundreds of visitors and devotees flock here every year, especially around Nagapanchami and Dashain.

A cable car service completes the scenic journey. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of lush hills and various mountains including Manaslu and Annapurna from the temple.

Mount Manaslu, also known as Kampungke, is the eighth highest peak in the world. It is located in the west central region of Nepal. Manaslu means “soul” or “intellect” in Sanskrit. The height of the peak is 8,163 meters. Manaslu is located in the Toche, Dharapani and Samagaun Village Development Committees of Gorkha and Manang Districts in the Western Development Region of Nepal.

Adventures are encouraged here. It takes about 65 days to climb Manaslu peak. Gorkha and Dhadingbesi are the two gateways that take you to the Manaslu peak. On May 9, 1956, Galtzen Norbu Sherpa and Toshio Imanish made the first ascent of Mt.

Around Manaslu Trek

Upallokot offers breathtaking views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains and fresh air to breathe. If you are in Gorkha, don’t forget to visit this site.

There are many Hindu temples in Nepal, including the Bhimasena Temple. It is built in pagoda style.

Local and foreign tourists worship the Newari god Bhimasena at the Bhimasena Temple. Visitors can participate in the sacred tradition of throwing coins inside the temple.

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

Gorakhnath Cave is another popular tourist attraction in Gorkha. It is near the Gorkha Durbar. The cave houses the statue of Gorakhnath Baba, the founder of the Nath tradition.

Best Two Week Trek In Nepal (updated 2023 / 2024)

Gorakhnath Cave is made entirely of rock. Every year they celebrate Rot Mahotsav on the eve of Baisakh Purnima.

Durbar in Gorkha is the most visited and most beautiful attraction in Gorkha. It is located on a hill and it takes about an hour to get there from the bazaar area. So you can get here quickly.

Gorkha Darbar was the home and kingdom of King Prithvi Narayana Shah. It was built in the 16th century with Newari architecture.

The Durbar is beautiful and old. Gorkha Durbar has great religious significance. Because there is a Kalika temple which is admired for its beautiful art of snakes and peacocks. Gorkha Durbar offers breathtaking views of the hills and lush vegetation.

Why You Should Visit Gorkha And Tansen

The Manaslu Circuit trek has everything a traditional Nepal trek should have: epic scenery, immersive experiences with the local people and their ancient culture, and a 17,000-foot Himalayan mountain crossing.

During spring and autumn trekking seasons, Tusk Travel’s Nepalese partner organizes weekly group departures. A private trek is also possible during February-June and September-November.

Bharatpur Airport is the nearest airport to Gorkha, about 80 km away, with flights to places like Pokhara and Kathmandu. Kathmandu Airport is located 160 km from Gorkha and is the primary airport in Nepal connecting various destinations around the world.

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

The roads in this region, which are connected by Gorkha Road, are well maintained. Many buses, minibuses and taxis are available from different parts of Nepal to Gorkha city.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 13 Days Itinerary And Cost

Gorkha is a town in the Gorkha district of Nepal. It is located in the Gandaki zone and covers an area of ​​3,600 square kilometers. Gurkha is home to the legendary Gurkha warriors, the population of the region is part of the Nepal Army, while other villages rely on agriculture for their livelihood. The circuit route passes through the 8th highest mountain, Manaslu. This circuit has a long and arduous journey. What used to be a camping trip can now be completed by teahouses.

The area was opened to tourists in 1991. It follows the old salt trade route along the Budi Gandaki River. Some parts were destroyed in the great earthquake of 2015; However, the route has now been restored and is fully operational. The trek starts from Arughat in Gorkha. The 13-day trek passes through various uneven terrains and various geological conditions. This is the highest height you can reach

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best long treks in the world. Compared to the Everest and Annapurna region, the number of tourists in a year is less and therefore the route is wide open for exploration. Manaslu Conservation Area (MCAP) is a highlight of the trek, offering rare views of Midwestern flora and fauna. You must purchase a permit to enter the area.

The terrain, temperature and altitude can vary along the way, making it difficult. The maximum altitude above sea level can reach more than 5000 meters and trekking requires 6 hours a day.

Days Manaslu Trek Complete Guide And Itinerary

Testimonials Trekking Everest was a challenge for me. I had never trekked at such a height before, but proper conditioning and good health helped me reach the base camp. Thanks to the Caravan Outdoors team, especially Holm Rana, who made the trip a success. The tea stalls were clean and of good quality and so was the hotel in Kathmandu. A fantastic trip, generally well organized. ~Rob Ellington (NSW, Australia)

The above information is a guide and standard template that we provide. Our tour can be customized at your request to suit your specific needs.

Note: During the tour; Weather, local politics, traffic or many other factors beyond our control may cause travel changes. However, the itinerary is unlikely to change significantly; If changes are needed, the leader decides which alternative is best in the best interest of the whole group. When a change occurs, we will do everything we can to minimize its impact, but we are not responsible for the effects of changes or delays.

Gorkha: Historic Kingdom And Gateway To Manaslu Trek

As a responsible tourism partner, we try our best to help the underprivileged and poor community. We work with Pioneer Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Kathmandu.

The Best Places To Visit In Nepal, From Mountains To Buddha’s Birthplace

Currently, we are helping to raise funds and build schools and shelters in earthquake-prone areas of central Nepal. You can join a charity or volunteer to teach in primary schools. Visit the community center for more information.

We believe in offering good value and affordable holiday packages, so anyone interested can sign up without hesitation. We are a local operator, so our expertise and logistics come at a fair price.

To provide immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation to Nepal earthquake victims. Together with Pioneer Foundation we built a school in Gorkha district.

Our staff consists of guides and assistants who have been in the business for over 20 years. We know the business well, so we offer expert advice and assistance when needed.

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