Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology – There are just so many. I had to cut and cut again and didn’t even finish in time – again sorry.

So this is nowhere near a complete list of gods and goddesses, let alone all the demigods, mythical creatures, anthropomorphic concepts, etc. found in Greek mythology. Just a few of the biggest and most important.

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

Before God existed, there were concepts like these gods that were anthropomorphically manifested. Most of them don’t show up in pop culture, I think, because they’re five generations removed from the Olympics. My favorite so far is Momus, The God of Blame and Abuse, who was kicked out of the clubhouse for insulting (among other things) Zeus’ sex life and Aphrodite’s squeaky shoes.

Greek Gods/goddesses Family Tree 124tutt

Gaia is more or less the mother of everything and everyone, which is just one of the reasons her family tree is so messed up. As far as I can tell, the first thing she does after having a child is to get married and then have another child so they can fight. Think of Lucille Bluth heavy with power.

Ouranos is a stepfather himself and has a serious rivalry with his children. Eventually a gang gets together and amputates him, which depending on who you ask, is dead or gone.

Oh, but this penis? It landed on a body of water and created “bubbles” from which Aphrodite emerged. There are many stories about him, but my favorite one is that he was so angry that he made a girl named Mirra fall in love with her own father. Then when a baby is born from a tree that used to be Myrrh (long story), Aphrodite falls in love with him and they have a fierce battle over who gets to love the child. He also transformed the statue of Galatea into a real virgin, which inspired Pygmalion (by George Bernard Shaw), which inspired My Fair Lady (musical), which inspired My Fair Lady (film starring Audrey Hepburn).

So count me now: consanguineous marriage, murder, castration, “scum”, another marriage, pedophilia and we are only three gods!

The Convoluted Family Tree Of Greek Gods

Whether Themis is a goddess doesn’t translate directly, and I’m not sure I’ll ever know even if, because the ancient Greek concept of “divine justice” was already present in ancient Greek culture. used externally as much as possible. Like, imagine a modern American and a 14th century Englishman trying to agree on human rights. Ancient Greece is chronologically four times more distant.

Mnemosyne invented language and words. Before people invented writing, if you wanted to hear a story, you had to memorize it. Mnemosyne is a goddess. She is also the mother of the Muses, her father being Zeus.

Married to Thea. The son is the sun, but I don’t think it was interesting in ancient Greece. He was one of the Titans who fought Zeus and was cast forever into Tartarus (the underworld, a kind of metaphysical maximum security prison) until Zeus freed him.

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

Banished forever into Tartarus until Zeus banished him. I know some of these descriptions are short, but most of these guys can’t be found anywhere else but on the Titans roster.

Family Tree Of Venus By Moon And Sars On Deviantart

In Greek mythology, all inhabited worlds were surrounded by great seas/rivers. Later, as people learned more about geography, they became responsible for the Atlantic and Poseidon took over the Mediterranean. He also went to Tartarus until Zeus banished him. He also has crab claws on his head for some reason.

Tethys married Oceanus and gave birth to thousands of aquatic mythological creatures, but there was nothing to do.

Iapetus appears to be the distant ancestor of all humans through Prometheus (not pictured), so whatever. He also went to Tartarus.

Remember the thousands of water babies that Tethys has with the sea? Pleione is one of them. The only reason he is listed here is because his grandson is Hermes.

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods: Hesiod’s Theogony (transliterated Greek Names)

You may recognize Atlas as the man with the world behind him. Greek mythology says they actually hold up the sky, but I don’t know, artistic license or something. After Herakles (aka Hercules) held the sky for him for a while in exchange for a golden apple. Once again Perseus turned him to stone.

Most importantly, his grandchildren are Artemis and Apollo. Like other male titans, he worked in Tartarus for a while.

Wife/sister of Coeus, grandmother of Artemis and Apollo. Share your name (and probably nothing else) with the best characters on Friends.

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

Update 4/4/2016: Turns out he’s not the god of time, because Kronos is a god and “chronos” is time. But it seems people have been making this mistake for thousands of years, so I’ll leave that note for now.

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods By Takara Phoenix On Deviantart

Original post: Kronos is not a wobbly-wobbly-timey-wimey god. More like an irreversible, irreversible entropy that turns everything you love to dust.

You may remember him as the man who pointed to Uranus, but it gets worse. Not long after the penisization, he realized that one of his children would topple him, so when it was born, he ate it. Or that was the plan – unfortunately for him, when Zeus was born, his wife Rhea was replaced with a stone that looked like baby clothes. Rock-Zeus was eaten, but the real Zeus grew up, reclaimed his previously eaten brother and defeated the Titans in a great battle.

So where are we now? Consanguineous marriage, pedophilia, castration, “scum”, murder, cannibalism, infanticide – am I missing something? I lost count.

Semele was only a priestess until Zeus took a liking to her. Then Zeus’s wife, Hera, found out and tricked Semele into seeing Zeus’ true form, causing her to die in a fire. That’s why you don’t talk to god.

Family Tree Of Greek Mythology

Zeus also “fathered” Leto with several babies, and Hera was so jealous that she followed him to prevent her from giving birth anywhere. I don’t know what happened in Greek mythology when you couldn’t terminate a pregnancy, but it probably wasn’t good. Luckily for Leto, he finally found a place to hide.

You may have noticed that half of the people on this list slept with Zeus or the offspring of Zeus. If it is sexual, Zeus makes it sexual. And it’s not necessarily (or generally) about consent, but I think the ancient Greeks had a different idea of ​​consent than we do today. what else? He throws lightning, defeats titans, settles disputes (sort of, sort of), and is powerful enough to get rid of anything.

What about the ancient Greeks, whose goddess of marriage was associated with adulterous women? Seriously, every story about him starts with him messing with Zeus (with or without his consent) and ends with Hera getting her revenge on Zeus. It’s like a weird, violent, brooding sitcom.

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

Most depictions of Dionysus make him an old drunk or the equivalent of a handsome rocker. They socialize mostly with satire, drink, eat wine, make friends and sometimes get kicked out of places.

Genealogy Of The Titans Of Greek Mythology

You probably know Hermes boots and hats more than the gods themselves – they are the inspiration for their original outfits. Hermes is involved in many interfaith dramas as a messenger, but there are also several stories of cattle theft. Seriously, Hermes stole his first cow before it was even a day old. He was absent.

Apollo is a bit more complicated than some of the gods. Sometimes he heals people, sometimes he is killed, sometimes he even brings plague.

Oh, and if someone challenges him to a music contest and Apollo wins and gives the kid a donkey ear.

Most of what I’ve read about Artemis is about arrows. Oh, but there’s also a great story about Artemis defending Mount Olympus from two giants. He turned into a deer and ran between them and both missed him and speared each other.

Monsters In Greek Mythology

Athens is just amazing. First, he was not born – he fell from the head of Zeus armed. And it just gets colder. Basically every story about a Greek hero includes Athena somewhere. He advised and/or helped Perseus, Heracles, Odysseus, the Argonauts, and I’m sure I’m forgetting many others. In addition, he is the patron saint of Athena, who won the contest against Poseidon.

Ares is like Athena, but stupid. Literally every story I know about him involves him getting angry and trying to kill. They usually succeed.

The evil Hephaestus. He was born deformed and his mother threw him from Olympus. But in the end he won. He built a beautiful throne, which he held when he sat down and avoided it. Only after Dionysus made him drunk did he give up and throw him out. After that, he was fine. He even married Aphrodite. yes,

Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses From Mythology

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