Bisket Jatra: Thrilling Chariot Processions And Pole-climbing Competitions

Bisket Jatra: Thrilling Chariot Processions And Pole-climbing Competitions – Bisket Jatra marks the beginning of the new year in the Bikram Sambat calendar. According to legend, this is a festival to commemorate the death of snakes. It can be seen in various places in Nepal, but the most lively celebrations are held in Bhaktapur, an ancient Newar city in the eastern Kathmandu valley, 15 kilometers from the capital. The festivities usually start at Bhaktapur Durbar Square in Bhaktapur.

One of the most exciting events was the great battle between the upper and lower parts of the city. You will see a huge chariot above the statue of the god Bhairava or Bhairab, driven by hundreds of devotees of Khalla Tole. This is where the car wars come in. The collision of chariots representing the male and female deities Bhairab and Bhadrakali symbolizes the end of tradition and birth.

Bisket Jatra: Thrilling Chariot Processions And Pole-climbing Competitions

Bisket Jatra: Thrilling Chariot Processions And Pole-climbing Competitions

On the second day of the New Year, people celebrate the Sindure Jatra festival. A tongue twisting ceremony is held in Broadtown, followed by a large parade.

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On this day children also send sweets, fruits and gifts to their mothers to express their love and gratitude to their mothers. Elderly people whose mothers have died go to Mata Tirtha, west of Kathmandu, to bathe and pay respect to their late mothers. Nepal. I’ve had good luck at festivals in this country in the past, though, whether it’s the Tibetan monks at the Mani Rimdu festival high in the Himalayas or the plains of Janakpur where Sita and Rama marry Sita Bibaha. With the promise of a fun ride from Kathmandu, how could I not include it in my latest trip to Nepal?

Warning: This photo is heavy. Put on your glasses, close your Dropbox, and welcome to the wonderful world of Bisket Jatra Festival.

Even entering the old city of Bhaktapur, the city has a transformed feel. Just a week ago, a silent battle for centuries-old architectural inspiration was a crowd, among them drumming and shouting from every central location in the city. Whenever there is space, people seem to gather in large numbers to watch the procession of chariots and carved palanquins, or to help lower the symbolic puppet that doubles as Shiva’s lingam. It’s a loud, frantic, colorful mess.

Bisket Jatra is indeed a festival, but it is also a festival with religious and historical roots. Once upon a time, a cursed princess was betrothed to any suitor who had her marriage bed. A brave soul, one of the last eligible young men in the kingdom of Bhaktapur, forced himself to stay awake long enough to kill the two vicious snakes that appeared in the princess’ nose and took her life , and thus survived on his wedding night. This hero, famous throughout the kingdom, was the cause of the first Bisket Jatra, and his deeds are remembered to this day in the form of two long ribbons hanging from the Yoshin Pole as the two slain The will of’ e mythical snake.

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Bhairab and Bhadrakali, the main patron saints of the Kathmandu Valley, are celebrated in their own way, as each has a temple built on a huge wooden cart, which is carried through the streets of the city by revelers. As if the cheering crowd wasn’t enough,”

(“Push! Pull!”) had been forewarned of the coming of these chariots, and the court pulled them. Others, although they showed weak powers, prayed in a silent but fearful manner.

For some this meant a very small shrine carried in palanquins through the streets, gathered in the most sacred places in the city, and other chariots to visit other gods who had been friends or allies in this ancient past period. For others, the devotion comes in the form of music: drum circles, mariachi bands, and plantation singers who add song and dance and noise to the strange sensations of sound and body and somehow make it all to make the to create a people’s party.

Bisket Jatra: Thrilling Chariot Processions And Pole-climbing Competitions

In the center of everything, marking the beginning of another new year, was the collapse of the Yoshin Pole. Historically significant for its brutally slain snake, and religiously for its lingam-like structure, the 80-foot statue also serves as its purposes of worship, wonder, and awareness. New Year’s Day, the strong rope that held the pole loose and the same sound—

Bisket Jatra Festival

– Will be heard again when the pole is pushed and pulled until it drops to the square below.

All this time, outside the city center, around Bodø, various services have been going on. On the second day of the Nepalese New Year, as they have done for more than a century, the villagers of Bodhe gather for Sunder Jatra. A lot of drumming and a lot of crowding, but a fun, sad and generous party. Mornings are dedicated to covering the streets and faces of Bodø with cinnabar. However, the real madness had to wait until the afternoon.

After crossing the street and stopping at each of the small temple areas, a local climbed up to a platform on the edge of town. As a thick iron needle stood above the dense crowd, the people on the stage bowed a few times and sat down. The village chief cleaned the needles methodically and slowly. It cleans the tongue of the volunteers. He then hits the latter with the former – all to the cheers of the assembled onlookers.

Seemingly without hesitation or reaction, the stabbed person lifted the burning bamboo pole frame and returned to the crowd. Dancing, music and drinking lasts three days. But the calendar, and the observance of this act of penance to make way for next year’s blessings, has already begun. All that’s left now is to sit back and watch the rest.

Chariots And Pierced Tongues: Bisket Jatra In Bhaktapur

What do you think? Is Bisket Jatra worth staying in Kathmandu Valley? There are more photos in my travel photography portfolio.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. OkLetsa Privacy Policy Holidays like Nepali New Year cannot be compared to festivals like Tihar or Holi. Many families stay at home and welcome the new year with dinner. While much of Nepal enjoyed a quiet night before switching to the Nepali calendar, one village stood alone, hosting unusual and colorful festivals.

Bhaktapur, or the city of devotees, was once the capital of the Mara Empire. During the reign of Mara, Navarre culture flourished. With the support of the king, huge temples and palaces spread across the city. These tall towers sit on top of many houses below. In the shadow of these temples, generations of devotees and tourists have been fascinated by the beauty of Bhaktapur.

Bisket Jatra: Thrilling Chariot Processions And Pole-climbing Competitions

Although temples such as Nayatapola and Bhairavnath are frequented by Hindus who burn incense and ring bells in prayer, they do not come alive as they do during the Nepali New Year. These wooden and brick bazaars come alive with many devotees playing music, making offerings and lighting candles to pray to the gods for the new year.

Experiencing Bhaktapur And Bisket Jatra

Among the 126 ethnic groups and tribes in Nepal, the Chinese have the greatest influence on Nepali culture. In most cases, if you see elaborate processions walking through the streets or beautifully decorated temples dominating squares, it is probably closely related to the Newars.

The establishment of the New Year’s festival known as “Bisket Jatra” did not surpass the king’s love for tradition and new legends. King Jagajyoti Malla was so impressed with tribal traditions that he held a festival every New Year to record Newar traditions and retell some of his favorite stories.

It’s not just temples on wheels that line the streets of Bhaktapur to attract onlookers. Each morning of the 9-day festival begins with a parade of species roaming the streets. The singers are all dressed in traditional Newar costumes, wear various beads and jewelry, and play drums and flutes, echoing throughout the city.

Besides the main Nayatapola temple (where the chariots or rathas are built), the main destination of the Bisket Jatra is the nearby Bhadrakali temple Yoshin Khel. Here musicians can be seen praising God with music and songs while reading verses from their holy book, the Puranas.

Bisket Jatra: A Historical Tale Of Bhaktapur City

Although Bisket Jatra and

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