Dhulikhel: Picturesque Mountain Views And Traditional Newari Architecture

Dhulikhel: Picturesque Mountain Views And Traditional Newari Architecture – You really can’t miss Mt. Their incredible size and the fact that they rise or orbit behind the sun is what makes them so magical and fascinating. Our forum in Dulikhel, Nepal is one of a kind. You can have a panoramic view of the high mountains that offer a beautiful view of the Himalayas. From here, you can see more than 20 Himalayan peaks, including Annapurna (8,091 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Ganesh Himal (7,429 m), Gaurishanker (7,134 m).

The city is located in the southern Himalayas at an altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level and is known as the main city along the main route of the Kathmandu Valley. Dhulikel means “place where tigers play” and “Dhu” means tiger and is a tourist destination surrounded by six heritage sites.

Dhulikhel: Picturesque Mountain Views And Traditional Newari Architecture

Dhulikhel: Picturesque Mountain Views And Traditional Newari Architecture

Zulihel has a history of more than 500 years since it was an important trade route of Tibet. This is the best place to visit to experience the authentic culture of Nepal is Newari. The Newars are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and the founders of the historical culture.

Himalayas, Helicopters And Culture: A Private Tour Of Nepal

You can visit the Tibetan border for a hot bath or take a short trip to many places like Nagarkot and Namo Buddha.

Namo Buddha is a Buddhist monastery and is known as one of the holiest Buddhist sites in the world. Beautiful place with prayer flags in front and back and amazing design. Even Buddha got his name from the above story. The prince is believed to have sacrificed himself and his remains were buried in a stupa in a local village. 3,500 years later, Gautama Buddha visited the village and made three pilgrimages around the stupa, claiming to be reborn. Because of this, the village was renamed Namo Buddha after him, which means to respect the Buddha.

A little further on the hill of Dulikhel, you will find the Kali Temple. The temple is the goddess Kali, a model of destruction and power. Near the temple, you can find a “photo stone” that tourists love to capture their experience. They seem to be holding onto what appears in the picture as a rock, but in reality, if you let them go, they will quickly return to earth. One of our volunteers is having a great time!

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is an hour away from Dulikhel. The beautiful capital of Nepal has so many places to see that you can travel as you please in a week trip.

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Thamel market was neglected and was the most popular in the last century. You will find colorful and narrow streets and come out with different stories. Everyone experiences something different when walking through a neighborhood market. These markets go on well into the night, so if you’re looking for nightlife, there’s no shortage of things to do here.

But if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, you can easily interact with nature here. Outside the city, you can visit Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk around Nyatapola Temple, Durbar Square and Thaumadhi Square. It’s an easy day trip on foot.

Nepal’s Chitwan National Park is also nearby and a great place to get out of the city. There are many unique animals that you can visit during your trip to the National Park. It is a very relaxing experience.

Dhulikhel: Picturesque Mountain Views And Traditional Newari Architecture

If you want to know the spiritual side of the city, you should visit Budhanath Temple. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the center of Tibetan Buddhism when Chinese refugees moved to Kathmandu in the 1950s.

Dhulikhel Tours & Travel Information

Traveling to Nepal will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. The culture, history and geography are all beautiful and fascinating. Volunteering in Nepal will leave you plenty of time to visit tourist attractions! If you don’t want to miss your chance to explore Nepal in 2021, share your interest with us now!! Dhulikhel is the smallest town in Nepal in terms of population. It is located 30 kilometers east of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, on the Araniko road in the Green Tree Valley, at an altitude of 1,550 meters above sea level, on the edge of the Banepa and Panchhal valleys. Dhulikhel seems to be smiling and talking to the Himalayas to the north. This may be why many people call this place the “Queen of the Mountains”.

Zulikel has been an important trading center on the ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet for centuries. Nepalese people have been visiting Tibet since ancient times to bring salt and gold. There are still reports of gold mines in Lhasa, the former capital of Tibet. Similarly, Tibetans used to enter Nepal with their sheep every year during Dashain, a major Hindu festival. They bought red chillies and other daily necessities from Nepal and returned to their country. In 1965, the opening of the Aranico road, built with the help of the Chinese government, changed the life of Dulichel. First, the city has reached foreign tourists. Second, the people of Dulikhel are going to Banepa and Kathmandu by bus, car and motorcycle every day for shopping, education and work. Recently, the city has become a tourist center with many modern facilities. “Dhulikhel” is famous for its traditional culture. Local legend says that the name of the place comes from the Newari word “Dhunkyo”: “Dhun” means “tiger” and “Hyo” means “playground” – this is an ancient forest where tigers used to play. Even today, Dulikhel remains a unique repository of Newar culture, filled with many art and architectural monuments unique to the region.

The southern part, the oldest part of the city, is a collection of beautiful old Newari houses, often inhabited by 20 or more family members. They may not all have light-colored windows, hot water, or modern appliances, but they have a dignified and friendly atmosphere. Their most exquisite features are the exquisitely carved windows and doors and fine examples of traditional Newari craftsmanship.

As you wonder through the trackless streets that wind through the city center that has been inhabited for five centuries, urban planning is based on the ancient principles of Hindu planning, the location, structure, scale and authority of buildings, temples and sites. there is a meeting of all people with its own meaning and harmony. Stone buildings with open courtyards, brick buildings, old pagodas, gleaming Gajuurs, and the quiet-talking mountain lifestyle of the quiet-talking people tell a rich history and “cultural heritage of mankind” surrounded by traditional houses with flower pots. .

Exploring The Himalayas Of Nepal

There are modest villages that have developed around Dulihel, which on the one hand conserves heat in the cold valley and expands the land for agriculture. One of the oldest villages is Srikhandapur, a hundred-year-old Newari settlement near Kathmandu University, 2 kilometers west of the city center. The abode is protected by the deities Swet Bhairav ​​(incarnation of Lord Shiva) and Narayan (Vishnu).

In the center of the old town is the yellow-roofed Narayan Temple. His birthday, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is celebrated here in August. Next to it is the temple of Lord Harisiddhi, who answers the questions of the devotees and sees their good and bad deeds. Both the temples are decorated with beautiful wood carvings and depict two different Garudas. Bhagwati Temple, located in the upper western part of the city, is considered one of the best places to visit near Dulikhel and view the beautiful mountains.

Gauhureshor Mahadev Temple is located in a quiet and peaceful area, 20 minutes’ walk east of the city, next to the Tundikhel entertainment complex. It is the most beautiful religious complex near a small stream surrounded by trees.

Dhulikhel: Picturesque Mountain Views And Traditional Newari Architecture

The Bhagwati (Kali) temple at the top is reached after half an hour. This is a beautiful pagoda that can be seen on the skyline while driving to Dulikel.

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On the way to Bhagwati (Kali) Temple, 100 meters from Tundikhel Cultural Resort, there is Buddha Vihar, a Buddhist monastery and the beautiful ‘Dipendra Greenway Park’ where the cool breeze whispers a peaceful breeze and relax.

Sankat Mochat Hanuman Temple, the monkey god, is a symbol of valor and strength, located 9 km from Dulikhel on the road from Palanchowk Bhagwatil.

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