How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World – After decades of poaching and habitat loss decimated the Siberian tiger population, Russia’s symbol of pride is making a comeback thanks to conservation efforts and anti-poaching efforts.

Perhaps Russia’s most famous Siberian tiger, Amur lives in a safari park near the far eastern city of Vladivostok. It is a popular place for tourists who want to see the tiger up close. (Pascal Dumont/)

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

Deep in the frozen forests of the Russian Far East, one of nature’s toughest predators – and arguably its most majestic – is quietly making a comeback.

Siberian Tigers: Facts, Threats, And Conservation Efforts

Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, are the largest subspecies of Asia’s big cats. They have survived wars, poaching and extensive habitat loss, paving the way for renewed vitality for several animals.

In a football pitch-sized enclosure about an hour outside of Vladivostok, Yelena and Pavlik are a good example of why this happens.

The 15-month-old siblings currently live alone in the Amur Tiger Center near the village of Alekseevka.

Victor Guzmenko, director of the rehabilitation center, monitors the progress of the two young tigers through a series of cameras and monitors. (Pascal Dumont/)

Endangered Siberian Tiger Shot Dead, Another In Many Recent Poaching Cases

The center encompasses a large landscaped area with typical trees, shrubs and landscape that mimics the habitat of a tiger. It is surrounded by a fence and the outside world is covered with a green tarpaulin.

“They learned to hunt, hunt and kill, and most importantly, to completely avoid people,” says Viktor Kuzmenko, who oversees the unique facility. It was established in 2013 with grants from the Russian government and other non-governmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund to protect, research and increase the population of the Siberian tiger.

The young tigers were taken in by wildlife officials last summer after their mother repeatedly visited a local village and ate people’s pets.

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

Killing distressed tigers is illegal in Russia, so the only option is to capture them and move them to a zoo.

In New Park, China Creates A Refuge For The Imperiled Siberian Tiger

This footage from a camera tracking a young tiger at the Amur Tiger Rehabilitation Center shows the result of a successful hunt. (Pascal Dumont/)

Kuzmenko told News: “The cubs at that age would not have survived without their mothers,” so they were brought to the center.

At feeding time, usually in the afternoon, a deer, wild boar or other animal is released into their territory and the tigers are immediately alert.

On television monitors, young carnivores can be seen crawling onto an unsuspecting animal, attacking with quick reflexes, sinking their teeth into its neck and waiting for the wounded animal to bleed out.

Saint Louis Zoo

“Their behavior is almost perfect,” said Kuzmenko, who expects the pair to be released into the wild this spring and have a good chance of surviving on their own.

A century ago, Siberian tigers spread west along the Caspian Sea, across vast areas of Russia and China to the Pacific coast.

But they were hunted mercilessly for their fur and body parts. By the end of World War II, only a few dozen animals remained in the wild.

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

The Soviet Union imposed strict regulations on hunting, and after the fall of communism in the 1990s, when hunters could cross the border into China more easily and a lucrative black market re-emerged, the population recovered somewhat before plummeting again.

There Are 40% More Tigers In The World Than Previously Estimated

According to a 2018 census by the Russian Ministry of Nature, the Russian government has banned poaching since 2010 and implemented a number of conservation measures that have helped increase the number of Russian Far Eastern tigers to around 500 adults and possibly 100 cubs.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Siberian tigers are listed as endangered. Russian officials estimate that within four years the tiger population will reach more than 700 animals.

According to the WWF, there are about 5,000 tigers in the wild worldwide, including Russia and other subspecies in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and South Asia.

In Russia’s Primorye region, bordered by China to the west and North Korea to the south, wild animals are treated with an almost mythical reverence.

Controversial Study Claims There Are Only Two Types Of Tiger

“When you enter a forest in the Far East, you feel like a fairy tale and a sense of the unknown, because this is the home of the tiger,” said Sergey Aramiliev, director of the Amur Tiger Center. implementation of rehabilitation and other conservation measures.

Tigers are revered in the Far East of Russia. Visitors leaving Vladivostok airport are greeted by a collection of sculptures. (Corinne Seminoff/)

In and around Vladivostok, there are murals, billboards and tiger statues that emphasize the animal’s connection to the region’s identity.

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who often takes pictures with wild animals in the Russian desert, has often taken photos with Siberian tigers, most of which are associated with a rehabilitation center.

Siberian Tigers Making A Comeback In China

The Russian government has paid for several security measures, including the half-kilometer long Tiger Tunnel that opened two years ago on the road to Khabarovsk. This allows tigers to cross the road surface that separates important tiger habitat.

But the most important efforts are focused on poaching, which is the biggest threat to animals, Aramiliev said.

The security team uses a military-style vehicle to patrol the area near Russia’s border with China to control poaching. (Pascal Dumont/)

“Laws have been tightened,” he said, noting that 50-70 tigers were poached a year 8 years ago. According to him, currently this number is between 15-20.

Six Flags Wild Safari Announces Birth Of 5 Siberian Tiger Cubs

He said the market for its skins and body parts, which are used in traditional medicines and ceremonies, is almost exclusively in China.

“In China, if a family has skin, it is considered valuable. But understand, this culture [in China] has existed for 3,000 years, and it cannot be changed overnight.”

China has also passed legislation to stop the trade in such animal parts, but Russian officials say illegal cross-border operations continue.

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

More than 14 Russian security teams, with more than 100 full-time members, now patrol key tiger habitats in military-style armored vehicles, looking for poachers.

Excited’ Polish Zoo Unveils Rare Siberian Tiger Cubs

Andrey Zakharova, the head of the team, who visited recently, told News that his officers often spend the night in the middle of the forest, looking for tiger tracks or suspicious vehicles in the snow.

“The tiger is a supernatural thing,” he said. “It can be 50 meters away from us, but we don’t see it until it moves. It’s a very secretive animal.”

As the tiger population recovers, another part of Zakharo’s job is gaining importance: community sensitization as part of what he calls the “conflict team.”

Scientists and veterinarians of the Amur Tiger Rehabilitation Center examined the body of a 13-year-old Siberian tiger that died unexpectedly in February. (Corinne Seminoff/)

Big Cats Without Passports

Russian television regularly features stories of villagers in the Primorye region having their pets killed or chased away by tigers.

On New Year’s Day, a woman living in a village near Khabarovsk showed TV crews the bloodstains of a tiger that tried to drag her pet over a fence before the dog ran away.

The two young tigers, currently in a rehabilitation center, were captured after their mother returned to the village and ate a total of 10 family pets.

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

Local authorities now offer cash compensation for dead livestock or pets to stop people taking matters into their own hands when conflicts arise.

Wwf Reveal Increasing Tiger Populations In Year Of The Tiger

“There have been cases of tigers attacking cows, horses, dogs, etc., but if one of them has all the necessary documents, we will return them all. People will receive financial compensation without delay,” said Zakharova.

News was first called to the Tiger Rehabilitation Center to witness the medical examination of an elderly tiger named Dikhan.

At the beginning of January, a 13-year-old boy came unusually close to the Russian border office and attacked the soldiers’ dogs. After the biologists found him and reassured him, they discovered that Dicko had a problem with his teeth, so they performed dental surgery.

But when the team arrived at the Tiger center after a long flight from Moscow, Dikhan died suddenly.

Good News! 4 Siberian Tigers Have Been Filmed Prowling Russia’s Wilderness

The average lifespan of tigers in the wild is thirteen years, although they can live up to 20 years in captivity.

Tests revealed that Dicko’s weight at the time of death was 142 kilograms, much less than the normal weight of a healthy person of 300 kilograms.

Scientists found that his body was severely dehydrated and suffering from fatigue. The final cause of death was determined to be natural causes.

How Many Siberian Tigers Are Left In The World

In this case, we are assured that the tiger lived a long time and left many descendants.

Is The Siberian Tiger White ?

Chris Brown is a foreign correspondent based in London. Formerly based in Moscow, Chris had a passion for great stories and traveled across Canada and the world to find them. The Russian government recently announced that the number of big cats in some parts of the country has tripled due to a crackdown on poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

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