Canyoning In Jalbire: Descending Raging Waterfalls

Canyoning In Jalbire: Descending Raging Waterfalls – Lamo Jarana/Long Falls in Jalbir is one of the best places for the adventure sport of canyoning. If you are an adventure lover and looking for adventure, this day trip is perfect for you. The 3-4 hour adventure includes various activities such as rock slides, waterfall, cliff jumping and more. Descending a vertical waterfall at a height of about 40-50 meters, you can experience exciting adventures.

It is about 110 km from Kathmandu which takes 3-4 hours to drive. Upon your arrival at the drop-off point at the Jalbire hotel, your guide will provide you with the necessary equipment such as helmet, wetsuit, life jacket. Then you have to walk about 20-25 minutes from the main highway to reach the starting point of Chandi Vanjyang Canyoning. When you reach the starting point, you will definitely be enchanted by the magical sight of the long waterfall at a height of about 100 meters between dense forests. You will begin your adventure after a brief briefing from your canyoning guide. The friendly and supportive nature of your guide will make it even more enjoyable. The adventure begins with excitement, a bit of fear and nervousness, and ends with a lot of joy, happiness and pride.

Canyoning In Jalbire: Descending Raging Waterfalls

Canyoning In Jalbire: Descending Raging Waterfalls

You can join our 8 Days Nepal Adventure Tour organized by Nepal One Tours to visit Jalbir Canyon. On October 20, 2012 around 9:35 a.m., history was written in the field of human research. There was no victory parade, no meeting, no medals, no badges. You haven’t read about it in a magazine or seen it online because it’s a story that’s almost entirely untold. It may have taken all this time to finally process the experience; or maybe I was too scared to start over.

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Looking up at this shimmering horizon, you can almost see Mexico’s Gold Coast; it’s a stone’s throw from here, and on such a dreamy day, you might as well go there. The waves crash against the beach as the sand begins to slide between my toes, a welcome relief from my boots. Tyler and Mathias are with me, and Kyle is already halfway to Mexico.

Our target is one of the last unexplored areas of Hawaii, and our tool of choice is a technical canyon. Thanks to advances in technical equipment and navigation over the past 30 years, canyoning now allows its users to access previously impassable terrain. This will be our team’s 9th first race of the year and our backpacks are filled with the various ropes, straps, bolts, ties, drills and dry bags needed to run such an event.

Mana Creek is nearly impossible to access and it took us nearly two fruitless months to finally find a decent route through the canyon. As we approach the drop point, we are treated to a spectacular sight as it plummets 400 feet. merge with our purpose. We go to work and descend slowly. Mana Creek finally opens up as we hit dry land after our 4th cast, the iron-rich waters flowing like blood across the island.

It starts like a dream. The stream immediately begins to break through the bedrock, cutting through volcanic flows as old as the island itself. The walls rise to an insurmountable height, tapering to less than 20 feet in width; we can’t believe the size and beauty of the gorge we pass through. The first drops are dialed in and performed at a relaxed pace. However, the uncharted waters of Hawaii hide a dark secret. As we pull the rope and climb under the third fall, a stunning 80-foot waterfall, a sense of wonder washes over us. I suddenly started feeling like Alice in Wonderland, silently wondering how far that rabbit hole would really go. We continue to spin. We had no idea.

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No, not a dream; but a nightmare. The canyon begins to drop madly, twisting and turning as each waterfall plunges us deeper into the rabbit hole. Hoping to get around more efficiently, we decide to split into two teams, with Kyle and I at anchor and each camping while Tyler and Matthias hold the stern as the cleanup team. For hours, we traverse the most terrifying yet magnificent terrain we’ve ever seen as the Earth bends into impossible dimensions. We take a break at the edge of the 9th waterfall, almost lost in the dizzying scenery. None of us said a word. It is now 3:00 p.m. and we are not close to our exit. In the world of canyoning, your only escape is down below. The clock keeps ticking and ticking because time has become our enemy.

No, not a nightmare; but jail. A screw game, usually reserved as a last resort, makes its first appearance and quickly becomes our savior as we enter a dark and eerie world. A collection of rushing waterfalls, narrow channels, turbulent pools and wobbly ledges now define the chasm. The drops from 9 to 12 arrive immediately one after the other and without remorse. The sound is deafening and we can barely speak to each other, though we still move efficiently through the increasingly terrifying environment. Fall 13 reveals a particularly disturbing sight; the immeasurable fall plunges into the void even into the earth itself. I started thinking…am I crazy? There seems to be no limit to the depth of the rabbit hole.

Our route follows the remains of a 140ft lava tube that may be as old as the island itself. An incredible combination of dread and incredible determination fills me as I slowly descend into its depths, realizing in that moment that I am the first human to have ever walked in these waters. Words are missing in every way. Photography falls flat on all levels. I have never been able to fully accept the existence of a higher power, but it is miracles like these that can turn even the most pagan and skeptical soul into a devout believer. Sometimes in such a situation, all that remains is to sit silently in fear. The rest of the crew descends, each equally speechless.

Canyoning In Jalbire: Descending Raging Waterfalls

With the daylight quickly fading, we got no closer to our starting point trying to cross a few more aisles trying to complete the route in time. As darkness descends upon us, we make the wise decision to admit defeat and return to a small cave just above the waterline, and continue on at dawn. We quickly list the remaining hardware instead of 30 feet of webbing and three screws. Our food is running out. We all squeeze into a six by eight foot rectangle and we squeeze into the light. I don’t think I slept at all.

Canyoning At Jalbire Waterfall

We rise with the sun and breathe a sigh of relief as the last two falls are the only obstacle left. At 9:35 a.m., 51 hours after departure, we triumphantly exit the cell. We quickly cover the rest of the course, because the finish line is already in sight. Soon, we are looking again at this endless expanse of ocean, still as dreamy as I remember. We resume our positions along this beautiful beach as if nothing had happened, Kyle is already halfway to Mexico.

Almost a year has passed since that fateful day, and most of the crew is gone. The experience was nothing more than a story, a few photographs and a few vague memories of those eternal hours in this impossible world. Would I do it again? Of course.

The world of research is a double-edged sword. There are often no guarantees of success or survival, you are completely unaware of the obstacles you will face, the problems that will arise, and the known dangers that may be present at any time. So why do we do it? What drives someone to make such a rash decision? Well, honestly, because it is. What a terrible cliche to quote, but it couldn’t be more precise. It is the unknown and the idea of ​​unprecedented miracles that drive researchers, because curiosity is a very powerful drug. It is this potential reward that drives people to climb mountains and descend canyons, ocean depths and the edges of the earth to see with their own eyes and experience with their own hands the absolute perfection that the natural world can achieve. without the pity of man. hands. . Often these wandering souls are seen as reckless and crazy anomalies, laughable to the rest of society and without any conventional argument. They must have lost their minds. Totally crazy for me. But listen close and I’ll tell you one

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