Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild

Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild – Bardiya National Park & ​​Wildlife Safari is located in the southern part of Nepal, in the inland Tarai region which is a flat plain. Exciting wildlife safaris offer several days of tailored outdoor activities and wildlife programs ranging from nature/introductory walks. A visit to the local village of Taru, an elephant safari in search of wildlife, including the rare and incredible royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, four-footed deer and 500 other different species of birds.

The highlights are birdwatching tours, boat trips to see two species of crocodiles, swamp worms and freshwater Gangetic gharials, and lots of birding with herons and kingfishers.

Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild

Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild

Bardiya National Park covers an area of ​​968 square kilometers and is located in the Terai region at the extreme southwest of Nepal. species. Snakes and rare birds also live here.

Bardia National Park Jungle Safari Tour

The park is located to the east of the great Karnali River and is mostly undisturbed, with 70% forest of salt trees (Solea Robusta) and the rest a mixture of grasslands, savannas and temperate riverine forests. vast untouched marshes.

The park is the best habitat for endangered animals such as rhinoceros, wild elephants, royal Bengal tigers, swamp deer, krobucks, gharias, marsupmagger crocodiles, and home to the Ganges freshwater dolphin that is almost extinct.

Endangered bird species such as the Bengal floricana, floricana, ficedula and the lesser crane, more than 30 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds, many snakes, reptiles and fish are recorded in the forests, meadows and rivers of the garden.

After a fun and exciting adventure safari in Bardiya National Park, return to Kathmandu via a scenic flight through Nepalganj and complete this amazing Kathmandu trip with the excellent service of Himalayan Adventure Tramping.

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People and Culture: Mainly Taru and other mixed mountain tribes, who practice both Hinduism and Buddhism, and lead a pleasant old life with a colorful culture. Bardia National Park in Nepal is the largest buffer zone in the Nepalese plains. It is a perfect habitat for famous endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, Giant Rhinoceros, Swamp Deer, Gharial, Gangic Dolphin and Crobak. Bardiya National Park is a wildlife paradise located in the western plains of Nepal, east of the Karnali River. The Bardia Wildlife Safari is a once in a lifetime experience. Unique flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes, dangerous wildlife activities and indigenous (Taru) culture are the biggest highlights of Bardiya National Forest Park. In Bardia National Park, you have a 50-50 chance to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger. Dense subtropical forests, grasslands and wetlands make the park an excellent habitat for animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and butterflies, which every wildlife lover dreams of exploring. I’m here Table of contents Bardia Wildlife Safari Key Features: How to get to Bardia Park Wildlife Activities in Bardia National Park Bardia Wildlife Safari Key Features: Bardia Wildlife Safari is an experience of a lifetime. Unique flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes and indigenous culture are the main highlights of Taru. Adventure wildlife activities (Royal Bengal tigers and many huge rhinos). How do you get to Bardia National Park? You can travel from Kathmandu to Nepalganj by bus or flight. The nearest airport to Bardia National Park is Nepalgunj Airport in Bank District, Verizon, Nepal. Nepalganj can be reached by domestic flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara. During the dry season, buses are available from Kathmandu to Nepalganj and from Nepalganj to Thakurdwala Park Headquarters. Wildlife activities in Bardia National Park Wildlife activities in the park include Jeep rides, nature walks, canoe trips, Taru culture shows, dolphin tours and tiger safaris on the banks of the Babai River. Jeep drive is available on the main tracks of the Bardia National Park Tour. If you want to explore the wilderness of Nepal in a relatively quiet and pristine environment, Bardia National Park is the perfect safe area. Wildlife books in a remote area in western Nepal. They have a lot to offer wildlife lovers.

Morning flight from Kathmandu to Nepajung, drive to Bardiya National Park, attend safari about 90 km, evening cultural program including hotel, refreshments, tiger sighting safari and typical Nepalese food. Stay overnight at the lodge/convenience store.

Full days of wildlife activities, nature walks, wildlife viewing and forest village tours led by expert nature guides, accommodation with lunch.

Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild

Wake up early with tea in the room, a healthy breakfast in the garden, tiger tracks and bird tours. Great opportunity to see Royal Bengal Tigers and many species of birds. Return to the resort for a delicious dinner and spend the afternoon riding in a Jeep for wildlife watching. You can also meet many other small animals that make their home in Bardiya National Park.

Bardia National Park Jungle Safari

Prices shown are per person and do not include international flights. Specific departure dates are available for online bookings. If a specific schedule is inconvenient, please contact us. We will be happy to accommodate your trip at better times.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chitwan National Park is a forested area outside the capital of Kathmandu. I will never forget the Chitwan Jungle Safari experience. Dense forests, wide open fields and scattered wetlands are the best habitats of the most ferocious predators and prey. A typical day in Chitwan National Park […]

The Nepal Cultural Safari – Nature and Wildlife Tour is probably the best mix of culture, nature and wildlife in Nepal. Explore the amazing heritage of medieval and ancient Nepal in the Kathmandu Valley. This tour takes you into the wild life of Chitwan National Park to experience the majesty of nature.

Kosi Tapu Wildlife Sanctuary is the smallest animal sanctuary in the Tarai, in eastern Nepal. The reserve covers 175 square kilometers of forests, plains and wetlands in the south-eastern part of Nepal. The best habitat in Nepal is 493 species of resident and migratory birds. Kosi Tup has also been documented with 31 species of mammals. […] 5 days / 4 nights Bardiya National Park Safari takes you to the tarai plain region in the far southwest of Nepal. Elephant rides and jungle/nature walks offer great and exciting adventures combined with an intimate atmosphere of peace and serenity. A log of Bardiya National Park.

Bardia National Park:explore Wildlife And Adventurous Activities

Bardiya National Park Safari is a remote 4-night 5-day safari in a remote location that is very different from other national parks in Nepal within a long drive, making for a meaningful vacation in a field rarely visited by other visitors. It matters.

A convenient 4-night, 5-day Bardiya National Park Safari offers a perfect time in the surrounding forest, observing rare and endangered wildlife and a wide variety of exotic birds.

Apart from the Royal Bengal Tiger, the park is also famous for other mammals, including the Gangetic river dolphins, the one-horned rhinoceros, and two species of crocodiles, the Marsh Mugger and the Gavial.

Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild

Go on an amazing 4-night 5-day Bardiya National Park Safari to any destination and head straight to Kathmandu or Pokhara on an exciting overland journey.

Bardaiya National Park

4 Nights Day 5 Bardiya National Park Safari. It is a very short flight from Nepalgunj or Dhangadi airport to Bardiya National Park.

Depending on how long you are staying in Nepal, you can join an optional 4-day and 3-night tour. Bardiya National Park Safari or Chitwan Jungle Safari are additional programs to enjoy in Pokhara including Bungee Jumping – Zip Flyer – Ultra Light or White 30 Minute Paragliding with Video Capture. Go water rafting or take an ABC helicopter tour.

Day 2: After rest, go elephant riding, bird watching, lunch at the hotel, elephant breeding center and village tour. Breakfast, accommodation.

Day 03: Lunch and walk through the jungle to hide the tigers. Breakfast, Jeep safari to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Best Time To Visit Bardia National Park, Attractions, Entry Fee

Day 04: Breakfast and walk through the jungle to hide the tigers. Breakfast, return to hotel with Jeep safari, dinner and overnight stay. Head into the jungles and plains of southern Nepal in search of iconic wildlife, and learn about the country’s rich history and culture as you explore two different national parks on safari.

Starting with 2 nights in the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, join a full-day private tour that introduces you to the city, its people and sacred sites. From there they fly south to iconic Chitwan, a beautiful and species-rich park, and rarely visit Bardia National Park, spending two wonderfully relaxing nights at a lodge in the mountains outside Pokhara. take your time and immerse yourself in rural life in Nepal. .

Explore the countryside in both parks with an exciting mix of activities, from game drives and elephant drives to village visits and boat trips. With an expert physical guide, some of Nepal’s most iconic animals, including leopards, Asian elephants, giant rhinos, gharial crocodiles, river dolphins, sloth bears, monkeys, hundreds of species of birds, and the majesty of the Bengal tiger.

Jungle Safari In Bardia National Park: Wildlife Encounters In The Wild

When you arrive in Kathmandu, you will be greeted and taken to Hotel Dwarikaz, an oasis in the middle of the city. Your guide and car will accompany you all this day.

Wildlife Catalunya: Nepal: Bardia National Park (part Ii)

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