Ilam: Tea Gardens And Majestic Views Of Mt. Kanchenjunga

Ilam: Tea Gardens And Majestic Views Of Mt. Kanchenjunga – Kanyam Pale Tea Estate is one of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal’s No. 1 province. Elam is famous among Nepalese for its tea plantation. People from different parts of Nepal visit this place every year. Kanyam is located in Suryodaya district in Illum district of Nepal.

Kanyam Palem is a pocket exporter of Himalayan tea. In India people used to come in summer to beat the heat. Kanyam is 70 km from the Indian border. This beautiful place is a great place for visitors to hang out and share with friends.

Ilam: Tea Gardens And Majestic Views Of Mt. Kanchenjunga

Ilam: Tea Gardens And Majestic Views Of Mt. Kanchenjunga

Kaniyam Palem is also a favorite destination for domestic tourists. A beautiful view of the tea garden can also be enjoyed from the observation tower. Ilam is popular for visiting students of Nepali student colleges during the festival season, especially in October and November. For those from warmer climates, fog makes your journey more comfortable. Almost everyone who visits Darjeeling visits Kanyam Illam. Don’t forget to take a camera while visiting Kayam to capture the memories of the trip.

Cool Hill Stations To Travel In Nepal This Summer

Another activity you can do while visiting Kanayam Illam is horse riding, which costs Rs 100-500 for a short walk and photography. Pictures of various traditional dresses can also be found here. From the hill you get a great view of the tea garden and its surroundings. Illum is also famous for Churpi and Akabare Khursani, which you can buy during your trip, but beware of the price. If you have free time and interest you can find attractions like tea plantations here.

Kanayam is close to Pale India, so many Indian tourists can be seen enjoying their favorite winter here. September, October and November are the best time to visit Ilam. Sunrise and sunset at Kaniyar are amazing. This is one of the places in Eastern Nepal that you should not forget to visit at least once with your family and friends. Alem is also the gateway to the Patibhara Temple. Alem is one of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal. It extends from the Terai belt to the mountainous region of the country. It is an untouched hill region with beautiful sands, sloping tea plantations, mountain rivers, dense natural forests, holy places and unique culture. The word IL comes from the Kirant language, where ‘IL’ means ‘Sotho’.

Altitude ranges from 140 meters to 3636 meters above sea level in Palem district. It is famous for producing tea. This tea is exported to many European countries. A large number of domestic and foreign tourists can be attracted to the tea garden. Ilam is 496.2 km from Kathmandu.

All year round in Ilam hills. It is not only for tea plantations but also produces many other famous products. Amrish (a special plant used for making brooms), Akabare (a special pepper), Adua (more), Alupahade (potato mountain), Churpi is a carom plant (a special preserved cheese product) . All these products are offered and exported across the country. Also, it attracts many scientists to study rare birds and red pandas. Here are some of the famous places in the city to visit.

Welcome To The Jewel Of The East

Mai Pokhari is 20 km from Ilam town, about half an hour by car. It is a huge pond with 9 corners and is worth a visit to Illam. There are 9 different gods in the nine corners. A fair is held at Bhagwati’s holy place every year in October or November. Mai Pokhari is an important religious center for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is home to porcupine, leopard, musk deer, jackal, water lily, orchid, rhododendron and many other plants and the lake is surrounded by amazing flora. They add beauty to the water. When the sky is clear, the lake reflects well on the surrounding forest and sky, giving a beautiful view of the lake. My Pokhari is also a Ramsar site.

Sano Patibhara Devi Temple is a famous Hindu religious monument. It is similar to Taplejung District in Patibhara. The Patibhara Devi Temple at Taplejung is believed to be the sister temple of Sisters and Ilam. Hence this temple is called Sano Patibhara temple.

The large plantation tea produced for over a century is now known as Kaniyam. The queen of eastern Nepal is called Kayam. Ilam has managed to attract national and international tourists due to its cool climate and beautiful tea gardens. Spread over 240 hectares, Kanyam Tea Estate produces 125,000 kg of tea annually. Kaniyam is the white point of Mt. Terai regions like Kanchenjunga, Siliguri, Jappa, Darjeeling, Mirik India and Bay of Bengal. Popular spots for sightseeing, sightseeing and photography among locals. Pale Bazaar is 43 km away

Ilam: Tea Gardens And Majestic Views Of Mt. Kanchenjunga

Pale is known for its tea and escape from city life. The district consists mostly of tea towns and mountains with views of untouched areas, high tea plantations, mountain rivers, deep natural forests, sacred places and unique culture. You can make a day trip or more with Pale Bazaar. There are many hotels and resorts in the town and the tea plantations are not far away. It is one of the richest districts of Nepal in terms of cultural diversity, beautiful landscape and good cultivation of cash crops. Major cash crops are potato, carrot, ginger, red pepper, milk and broom and tea are the main industries. Researchers visit the area to study its botany and anthropology.

Kanyam: The Crown Jewel Of Ilam

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How We Discovered Tea From Nepal

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A beautiful tea estate and scenic cultural tour covers the best part of Nepal’s landscape from the eastern to central Himalayas. It extends from central and southern Nepal to the warm Terai belt of Chitwan with its dense tropical forests.

Ilam: Tea Gardens And Majestic Views Of Mt. Kanchenjunga

Trekking to see the different faces and cultures of Nepal from the foot of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Annapurna Himalayas.

Kanyam Ilam, Kanyam Ilam Nepal, Kanyam Tea Garden

The hilly areas of Alem Bazar, Kanyam and Mai Pokhari are the most visited places by foreign tourists. This makes this journey from untouched areas to the main tourist attractions of Pokhara special.

Apart from the famous tea plantations of Eastern Nepal, this tour goes to the beautiful city of Pokhara in Mid-West Nepal. The exciting journey continues south to Chitwan, considered the most beautiful park in Asia.

A great way to see the beautiful countryside of Nepal from the farming villages and towns of Elam. Where is the best tea grown in Nepal?

Beautiful tea plantations in the background, Kanchenjunga mountain, the third highest in the world. Pale town known as Pale Bazaar is the gateway to Himalayan areas like Kanchenjunga Camp. Along with the famous Darjeeling, the queen of hill stations in Northeast India is known for its sea of ​​tea plantations.

Kanyam Ilam Nepal

Apart from the beautiful tea gardens, Elam also has many beautiful places to visit. This tour takes you to the famous Mai Pokhari pilgrimage site, a serene holy lake, in a peaceful environment.

After an interesting time at Palem and Kanyam Tea Estate, this tour takes you to Mid-South Nepal. Asia’s best wildlife destination, Chitwan’s dense forest has a close to subtropical climate.

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