How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild – The bodies of two of the three Sumatran tigers found after being captured near a palm plantation in East Aceh Photo: East Aceh Police/AP

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of death of two female tigers and one male tiger in East Aceh who were caught in traps often used to catch wild boar.

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

A female tigress was found dead near a palm oil plantation in Indonesia’s East Aceh district on Sunday with her head nearly severed and a trap stuck to her leg. The bodies of a male and a female tiger, both with leg injuries, were also found five hundred meters away, local police chief Hendra Sukmana said.

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Autopsies are underway to determine the cause of death, said Agus Arianto, head of the conservation agency in Asseh, who added that several traps similar to those used to capture them were found in the area around the dead tigers.

The species was classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2008, when its population was estimated at fewer than 680. It is now the most endangered critically endangered tiger species in the world, with numbers dwindling to fewer than 400. Authorities say the recent death dealt a blow to the species.

“We strongly condemn this incident,” Arianto said in a statement. Indonesian officials have called on logging companies and the public to stop trapping in forest areas that are home to wild animals such as tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans – many of which are rare.

Sumatran tigers, among other species, are increasingly threatened as forest habitat is reduced by commercial hunting and oil palm plantations and illegal logging.

Why Is The Sumatran Tiger On The Brink Of Extinction?

A police officer inspects the dead bodies of tigers caught in a plantation in Sri Mulya village, East Aceh, Indonesia Photo: East Aceh Police Headout Handout/EPA

In October last year, a tigress was found dead in a trap at Bukit Batu Nature Reserve in Bengkalis district. Just two months ago, two cubs and an adult tiger were found dead in a protected tiger forest in the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra, known as the Loser Ecosystem Area.

Four people were also arrested last June for allegedly finding the tigress and selling her remains.

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

Sumatran tigers are not the only species killed by traps. In November last year, an elephant died after losing half of its trunk in a trap set by hunters.

Body Part By Body Part, Sumatran Tigers Are Being Sold Into Extinction

Deliberately killing protected animals is illegal and offenders face up to five years in prison and a 100 million rupiah (almost US$7,000) fine under the Ecosystem Indonesia Natural Resources and Wildlife Conservation Act. The Sumatran tiger is the smallest of the tiger subspecies. The population has been declining rapidly in recent decades due to habitat loss due to logging, palm oil plantations and hunting. There are about 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. As tiger habitat becomes increasingly fragmented, understanding how tigers use the landscape is critical to maintaining functional corridors and reducing human-tiger conflict.

Our sustainability and population recovery ecology team is working with the safari park’s mammal curators to lead a tiger conservation research project in Sumatra. The main goal of this long-term project is to collect detailed data on the ecology of tigers, including their movement patterns and diet, which will lead to more informed conservation actions. We will train Indonesian researchers in camera trap survey methods and data analysis and develop other capabilities in the country.

As part of a multi-year study, we are simultaneously collecting behavioral and hormonal data on our tigers. This information helps us identify variables that influence individual breeding success in zoos by monitoring breeding behavior and correlating levels of reproductive and stress hormones. We can also use this information to monitor the transition of released animals to new enclosures and to assess any long-term behavioral effects. This research is an essential part of our commitment to maximizing the welfare of the tigers in our care, as well as supporting our future field research efforts in Sumatra.

Since the launch of the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI) in 2007, global resources have been focused on large protected tiger conservation areas (TCLs) to protect the last remaining tiger populations. In Sumatra, Indonesia, this includes six priority tiger landscapes. As a result, the tigers live… Police where two of the three tigers – a mother and her cub – were found dead after being captured in East Aceh last Sunday [East Aceh Police via AP Photo]

Sumatra’s Endangered Tigers

Medan, Indonesia – Ben Hussein, an Indonesian journalist, vividly remembers the time he actually came face to face with a Sumatran tiger – or eight of them.

“One time I went to someone’s house in Aceh and he had eight tiger skins that were stuffed and made like real tigers,” Hussain, from Lhoxumawe, Aceh in the north of Sumatra island, told Al Jazeera. . “He had so many that if I had asked for one, I’m sure he would have given it to me. Now they sell for millions (thousands of dollars).”

The Sumatran tiger is critically endangered and on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, with around 600 animals thought to remain in the wild.

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

Big cats face many challenges in their struggle for survival, including rampant deforestation that not only destroys but also fragments their natural habitat.

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And then tiger skins or body parts are hunted, which are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine despite no evidence of their effectiveness.

Late last week, a female tiger and a male cub, believed to be 10 months old, were caught in a trap made of thick wire cables known as a sling near the village of Sri Mulya in East Aceh.

Poachers set traps in forests to catch wild boars, while poachers use similar methods to target tigers [Hafiz Trijatnika/Al Jazeera]

Pig traps are similar to tiger traps and are made from motorcycle clutch wire in the form of a strap.

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East Aceh officials said they suspected the traps were set by poachers who were trying to catch wild pigs rather than tigers.

“The real tiger hunters stay close to the traps,” he said. “When tigers are caught in a trap, they try to escape and it damages their skin and fur, which the poachers want to sell.

“To minimize damage, hunters try to collect tigers as soon as possible after trapping them.

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

According to Iswandi, director of the Lingkar Initiative, an NGO that fights wildlife crime in Indonesia, there are four reasons why tigers leave their natural habitat deep in the jungle: deforestation, lack of hunting, age and disease.

Heran, A Sumatran Tiger Living At The Louisville Zoo, Has Died

“One of the tiger’s prey is the wild boar. Currently, due to illegal hunting and the African swine fever virus [ASF], the number of feral pigs has decreased significantly,” he said. “So it’s natural for tigers to leave their habitat when prey runs out.”

According to Iswandi, pigs are also hunted to supply the Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta – hunters from Bengkulu in the southwest of the island send six tons of wild boar meat to the zoo every month.

Wounds on the tigers’ bodies and deep cut marks on the works indicate that they were caught shortly before they were found.

Hussain told Al Jazeera that commercial tiger hunters would never allow the animals to decompose.

Sumatran Tiger |

He added that the only people who hunt wild pigs in Aceh, who are mostly Muslims and follow Islamic law, are local people from neighboring provinces who are mostly Christians and go to Aceh to hunt wild pigs and catch them. House to eat in a restaurant or for sale.

Rudy Putra, senior adviser to the Luzer Conservation Forum in Gunung Luzer National Park, says forest loss increases the risk of tiger-human conflict [courtesy of Rudy Putra]

However, hunting is not an exact science, and hunters sometimes find themselves taking animals they were not aiming for.

How Many Sumatran Tigers Are Left In The Wild

“Once there was an incident where a farmer’s cow got caught in a pig trap. There was a lot of confusion when he died of thirst and exhaustion while fighting for liberation,” Hussain recalled. “The hunters had to compensate the farmer for his cow and apologize for the mistake.”

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Iswandi says the cause of death of the tigers must be determined by a full necropsy, but they could have died like a cow after being caught.

Poaching in Indonesia is punishable by up to five years in prison and a 100 million Indonesian rupiah ($6,894) fine.

Due to deforestation and poaching, many Sumatran tigers now live in protected forests in national parks in Sumatra.

Rudy Putra, Senior Consultant for Defeat Protection

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