Makalu Base Camp Trek: Remote And Challenging Adventure

Makalu Base Camp Trek: Remote And Challenging Adventure – The Makalu Base Camp Trek is the exclusive trekking package for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track route in Nepal. If you’re looking to hike off the beaten track, the Makalu Base Camp trek is the way to go. This trip takes you through an area of ​​the greatest natural beauty and abundance. You will cross rugged, rocky and dry terrain as well as icy roads. Passing through many villages on the way, you will also see the way of life of the local people.

You will be walking at a high altitude, so the road becomes uneven and requires extra care. You will enjoy breathtaking views of mountain peaks, glaciers and walks through rhododendron forests. The highlight of this trek was going to Makalu base camp. Before reaching the Makalu Campground, you will enter the Makalu Barron National Park area. The base camp offers some of the best views of Makala, Everest, Lhotse and other giant peaks.

Makalu Base Camp Trek: Remote And Challenging Adventure

Makalu Base Camp Trek: Remote And Challenging Adventure

When you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport, we will arrange to pick you up from the airport and check you in at the best hotel in the city. You meet a group of adventurers and get ready for a trip together. In the evening you are served a wonderful dinner with authentic Nepali food.

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

We offer tours of historical and cultural sites around Kathmandu Valley: Buddhanath Stupa, Monkey Temple Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple. You can also buy souvenirs during the tour. After the tour, return to the hotel, pack your clothes and travel gear and prepare for the trip.

We will take a morning flight from Kathmandu to Tumrintal. If the weather is good, we will see beautiful landscapes and hills from the plane, and we will also see peaks. After reaching Tumlingtar we will go to Chichira. It is a beautiful town that is mainly inhabited by the Gurung community. Then we will rest and get ready for the night.

The walk officially begins today. Most of them will pass through many villages and forests. After walking for a few hours, we will reach the village of Nom. The surrounding world that can be seen from there is amazing. We will spend the night in Nom.

Today we leave Numa for Seduwa. The trek begins with a descent through a forested area. There is also a large plantation area around. We pass the Barron River a short walk away. We will cross the river and start our hike up through the forest. This is where the Makalu Barron National Park area begins. We check and move on. We then arrived at Seduwa town. We will spend the night in the camp.

Best Makalu Base Camp Trek 16 Days

We started our journey from Seduwa town. We will go to the beautiful places of the river on both banks. We passed the hills, the villages and the reserved fields before we arrived at a village called Tasigang. When we arrived in the city, we could enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding Himalayan peaks. Went to Tashigang at night.

We leave Tashigaon and continue our destination today, Hongma Danda. Hiking can be difficult at this point as the mountains often climb to high altitudes and the roads are very uneven. We will bomb the forest and then the road will take us higher. Pasture passed along the road. Then we will continue on the stone steps and descend to Hongma Danda. We will spend the night here.

We spend time for acclimatization, because it is important to adapt our body to the increase in altitude and the change in the environment. To help acclimatization we will walk around Khongma Danda and enjoy the view. Evening at Hongma Danda.

Makalu Base Camp Trek: Remote And Challenging Adventure

We will start our journey up the mountain. The trip will take us to a mountain road called Shipton La. From here we will continue and soon we will reach Kalo Pokhari. We continued our journey, soon we crossed Kokkola road. From here you can have a close look at the beautiful scenery of the mountain top. We then descended and crossed a valley where we reached Dobat. Evening in Dobat.

Everest Base Camp Trek In April

Today’s journey begins with a walk through a rhododendron forest. Moving on will take us across the Barron River. The going becomes more difficult, as you have to cross a steep hill. After few hours we finally reached Yangri Khalkha to get ready for accommodation.

We’ll leave Youngry Hark, move on through the valley. Then we went through a meadow, and then through a forest. We are going to Merek. During the walk we were able to enjoy the view of the vast surrounding mountains. Then we reach Langmale-Khark and prepare to settle down tonight.

Today we will go to Makalu Base Camp. The elevation increases further on this hike. On the way, the road passes through Shershong. We continued walking until we reached the base camp. Roads can be icy and slippery, so be careful when driving through this area. The giant Makalu towered above us. The base camp is surrounded by several mountains. We will spend the night at the base camp.

We will spend the day exploring the area around Makalu Base Camp. This was the highest we got on this trip. It also offers magnificent views of Everest and Lhotse, as well as Makalu. We will walk and explore the area. There are also several lakes around this place. Then we will go back to the base camp to walk together and take pictures. Overnight at base camp.

Makalu Trekking , Tea House Trek To Makalu Base Camp, Remote Trek

We will leave Makalu base camp and go to Yangri Harka. We will go the same way as before. Walking became easier as we often went down the hill. We will pass Shersong, Langmale Khark and Merek. We drove down the valley to Yangri Khalkha. Then we will stay for the night.

We start the day with a walk through forested areas and valleys. We will then go along the Barron River. After a short walk, the trek will lead us to Dobat. Then we will prepare for overnight stay in Dobat.

We will follow the same path we followed when we went up the mountain. From Dobat, the road will pass through the forest. We will climb the mountain until we pass through the forest. After that we will pass several mountain passes on the way like Kokkola, Shipton Pass and Kaumala. We then descended and reached Hongma Danda where we would spend the night.

Makalu Base Camp Trek: Remote And Challenging Adventure

From Hongma Dand, we started our journey on the way down the hill. We will go through the forest. The beautiful surrounding countryside makes for a lovely walk. We like to go and move forward. We finally arrived at the beautiful town of Tashigang. We will spend the night in Tashigaon.

Jg Trek :: Makalu Base Camp Trek

From Tasigaon we pass Makalu Barun National Park. We then crossed the trail down which would take us to the Barron River. They passed through villages on the way. We continued walking until we reached the village of Seduwa. We will spend the night in Seduv.

Today we will return to Nu Island from Cedua. As before, the walk will be accompanied by a beautiful jungle. We have to go up and down several roads. Then we saw a small village. It goes down even further to Nom. Prepare to spend the night in Nom.

From Numa we will go to Chichiri. On the way we see Makala. Our journey ends in Chichira. From Chichila we will go to Tumlin Tower. We will have a good rest in Tumlingtar and prepare to leave for Kathmandu tomorrow.

Today we return to Kathmandu from Tumrintal. During the flight you will say goodbye to the beautiful peaks, the land and the hills. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you will be transferred to your hotel for rest. We will provide you with a wonderful dinner to celebrate the completion of this trip and to prepare for your departure tomorrow.

Makalu Base Camp Trek, Makalu Trekking Itinerary, Makalu Circuit Trek

It’s the last day and we’re ready to go. We offer you accommodation in Tribhuvan International Airport. We exchanged our last greetings and best wishes and hope to see you next time. I wish you a pleasant journey and a final farewell.

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