Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu

Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu – Climber Adam Ondra at Dawn Wall Camp 14 in Yosemite’s El Capitan prior to his second successful free climb this week.

On the afternoon of Nov. 21, 23-year-old international athlete Adam Ondra of Brno, Czech Republic, climbed a 3,000-foot monolith in Yosemite National Park known as El Capitan. In doing so, he achieved his fiery goal of completing the second free ascent of the Dawn Wall, known as the longest and most difficult free climb in the world.

Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu

Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu

“It feels amazing now,” Ondra said a few minutes after reaching the summit. “It’s one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time. Wow, very good. I think it will be the joy of the journey, the joy of the effort, and the eternal joy.

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Ondra’s streak was special for many reasons, but perhaps the most impressive was Dawn Wall’s 32-pitch hitting streak. (A pitch is a long rope, usually a hundred feet long. The goal of free climbing is to climb each route without falling or hanging on to equipment; however, ropes and equipment are used as safety nets in free climbing. In the event of a fall (Free climbing differs from solo free climbing without ropes different).

Ondra started the car from scratch last Monday, November 14th at 1:30 am. m., Pacific Time. Less than eight days later, he climbed to the top and won.

“In the end, it was as difficult as I expected, but I’m a complete beginner in climbing in Yosemite, so it took longer than I expected,” Ondra said. “There is no doubt that this is the hardest rock formation in the world.”

At the same time, American climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Georgeson spent 19 days on the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall. Their historic campaign, completed in January 2015, received media coverage in nearly every major newspaper and cable television station in the world. Even President Obama reached out to the two celebrities and congratulated them.

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For Caldwell and Georgeson, free climbing the Dawn Wall was an arduous and time-consuming process that took at least seven years. Most of this time was spent climbing the side of El Capitan with a rope, trying to find a route that continued at 3,200 feet. The cell wall on the left side of the nose is the tallest, tallest, and perhaps the most “empty” (ie, no arms or legs) part of the entire granite monolith. miles wide.

Caldwell guided this years-long process by making the careful decisions required of any first ascent, including how to best grade the trail and judicious placement of mechanical expansion bolts. According to National Park regulations, those stems must be drilled into solid rock by hand, not with a drill.

Caldwell and Georgeson also spent a lot of time on the length of the 32 pitches required. This process involves determining the correct arm and leg movement patterns, body posture and balance, which ultimately leads to the ability to climb full length without falling. It also needs to keep in mind the exact position of the wrist, some of which is the size of the edge of a credit card, and each grip is no more noticeable than the dent of a golf ball.

Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu

For Ondra, this testing process was relatively quick compared to Caldwell and Georgeson’s experience. Georgeson and Caldwell spent seven years on the cell wall, while Ondra spent less than a month.

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“It’s amazing,” said Caldwell, who is considered the greatest El Capitan free climber of all time. “It’s amazing to see how quickly you get to El Cap. It shows that if you have a Central European mentality and apply it, you can do anything. “

Another feature of Ondra’s climbing is that he is the first person to “lead” each of the 32 pitches of the Dawn Wall, meaning he climbs by pulling on his rope. , bring great power. danger and threatened fall. Also, Czech-born Pavel Blazek was appointed as Ondra’s successor; I’m not here to free climb, I just need to climb.

Because Caldwell and Free Georgeson rode as a team, they used a common style in which one of them had to “lead” the field; Once the pitch is controlled, a second climber can enjoy the advantage of top rope rock climbing, which is safer and easier than lead climbing.

Ondra’s speed is somewhat expected. The second ascent is faster than the first, which in one way has the advantage of knowing that free climbing is possible. First lifters have no mental crutches and must instead rely on their belief that they can do something no one has done before.

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In addition, first climbers share with climbers a vocabulary called “beta” in climbing, which provides information about the climbing movement, which grips and handholds are used, and how to use them. All this knowledge speeds up the process.

Before arriving in Yosemite, Ondra spoke with Caldwell via Skype. Once in Yosemite, the two mountains met in person in Yosemite Valley, where Caldwell shared useful information with Ondra.

Ondra said: “What Tommy and Kevin did was more amazing than what I did. I came with all the information, they told me the beta and all I had to do was upload.”

Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu

“It’s been fun watching Adam’s journey,” Caldwell said. “From what I can tell, I think it’s been a really great experience for him. It was great to remember my experience there. Looking up makes me want to return to El Cap.

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However, despite these significant advantages, Ondra’s free climb is one of the most remarkable climbing achievements of all time. And he almost has the title of the best climber in the world.

He started rock climbing at the age of six and became a world-renowned hero at the age of ten. He says that measuring speed is something that takes practice. The less time you spend on high rocks, the more tired you will be. The faster you go, the harder it is.

Its strength is the climbing of limestone and granite peaks that stand out in Europe. Many of these 100-foot-high boulders, some with 45-degree gradients, Ondra set numerous records, including the first starts on three of the world’s most difficult sport routes, each rated at 5.15c in the system. Open Yosemite Decimal. . (Open means there is no limit to the difficulty of free climbing. At some point there will be a 5.15d, the hardest step on the difficulty scale. It’s not closed yet.)

Only one other person in the world, Chris Sharma, has climbed 5.15c, and for him, that was once.

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Ondra is 5’11” and 150 pounds. On the rocks, he moves like a panther, suspicious and passionate. His sport has a wild nature. One of his gifts is that you sport climb. Routes. On your first attempt, what “beta” or unedited hard “face”. You’ve been watching the toughest sport in the world longer than anyone. When you watch Ondra, you’d think you’ve done it a thousand times, but in fact, his determination, composure, and second-second grace degree refers to its unusual instinct to move to vertical habitats in search of prey.

However, the ability to do difficult sport routes rarely succeeds on the Great Wall of Yosemite Valley, where the climbing style is more interesting, more intimidating, and more intellectually challenging.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Caldwell said. “Adam dominates every aspect of the sport.” But I had never been to Yosemite before this year’s trip.

Rock Climbing In Nagarjun: Scaling Natural Cliff Faces Near Kathmandu

A sport climber in Europe, Ondra’s desire for speed nearly prevented him from climbing El Capitan’s 90-degree vertical rock face. The nature of free climbing on El Capitan is very unique due to the slippery nature of the polished granite of the glacier. Here, patience, proper foot placement, and excellent balance will lead to more success than climbing like a monkey.

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On November 17, Ondra reached the 14th pass of the Dawn Wall, 1,400 feet below El Capitan. Charging to the wall in every dimension. The first 13 pitches were worse; Some are extremely dangerous, as Ondra faces the risk of breaking her ankle by falling 30 feet or more. If Ondra stabbed them all in

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