Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal

Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal – Lake Rara is the deepest and largest freshwater lake in the Nepalese Himalayas. Tourists consider Rara Lake as one of their favorite places in Nepal. The beauty of this lake has not been touched by developing countries and still exists without human intervention.

The lake shore is surrounded by hills and covered with mountain trees. You can easily see the big mountains by hiking in the nearby mountains. Sailing is one of Rara’s most popular activities.

Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal

Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal

The height of the lake above sea level is 2990 m, its greatest depth is 167 m. Lake Rara is associated with many wildflowers in good season. Sparkling water and green grass add beauty to the scene.

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Lake Rara is located in an area of ​​146 square kilometers in the Rara National Park. The national park is one of the smallest parks in the world. It is located in the Mugu district of the Karnali district, in the upper western corner of the map of Nepal. The park was created to protect the flora and fauna of the country’s Humla-Jumla region.

Sleep in the lake at the highest point. So things cost three to four times more than that because the shipping factor complicates things. A travel permit costs $34. At the same time, you can expect accommodation in other parts of the country.

Rara National Park starts at $80 per day. Since you have to travel for several days to reach Rara, it is better to go on an organized trip or accompany a good guide. You can find shipping packages and accessories for around $700.

There are many options to choose from when traveling to Rara Lake. If you prefer to travel by public transport or bus, you can go to Jumla or Gamgandi, the capital of Mugu district. There are three-day hikes from Jujinji that are of moderate difficulty. Lake Lara can be reached in 5 hours from Hamgandi.

Rara Lake Trek 10 Days

We recommend that you be accompanied by a professional when crossing roads. An authorized local document is preferred. Meanwhile, one can hope to see the beauty of Western Nepal on the roads. You can rent an SUV or wait for your travel agent to pick you up if you are doing an organized trip.

Rara National Park: You can hire a plane from Kathmandu Airport to Talcha Airport. Meanwhile, if you are not traveling in a group, there are weekly flights from Nepalgunj Airport. The airport is a four-hour drive from the area.

It is possible to fly from Kathmandu to Jumla and continue the three-day journey from the airport.

Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal

There are few hotels on Rara Beach. Diana Hotel and Rara Eco Resort are some of the best accommodations around Rara Lake. They have a seating area where you can eat with a view of the sparkling water. Room rates in these areas can be expected to be between $4 and $6. You can try to find accommodation or stay in Gaamgandi for cheaper options.

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March to May is the best time to visit Rara National Park. Here you can make the most of your trip and enjoy the mountain scenery as well as the wildlife. You can see rhododendrons on the mountain roads, sparkling water and beautiful skies for months. Also Check: Best Time To Visit Nepal

Some months are not good. As the monsoon affects road and road conditions, we do not recommend going unless you carefully check the weather forecast for the next day. Similarly, it is not the right time in the height of winter. Sometimes even airports are closed due to the weather.

1. Horseback riding: Around Rara Lake, locals come to ride horses. Tourists are also offered horseback riding services. The price can be between 2-5 dollars. What’s the best thing about riding in such a beautiful place?

2. Boat: You can rent a pedal boat at Lara Lake for an hour or half a day. Prices can range from $4 to $8.

Rara Lake Trek Itinerary

3. Trekking: Rara National Park is also famous for trekking. Various travel agencies offer travel packages. You can enjoy the divine beauty of nature by walking in this region. You can also expect to see a variety of rare wildlife.

4. Wildlife: 51 species of mammals, 74 species of flowers and more than 200 species of birds live in this area. This list includes rare animals like Himalayan Gorilla, Musk Deer, Leopard, Red Panda, Danfe. In addition to these animals, the beautiful conifers are also worth seeing.

Rara National Park is the most beautiful place in the world. Filled with various adventures and wildlife, nature lovers will love a trip to Rara Beach. This is also one of those trips that can be done cheaply.

Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal

Please share your opinion about Rara National Park and when do you visit? If so, what was your favorite part of the trip?

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Hukuri Nepali Restaurant is a hidden gem in the Campsie area that offers a unique dining experience that exudes beauty.

As a Nepali citizen living in Australia, renewing your passport can seem like a daunting task. But you don’t have to!

See all Nepalese immigrants in Sydney! Lake Trek is a nature adventure for those who want to melt in the peace and beauty of mountains, lakes and green nature. It takes you to the far north-western region of Nepal, the Mugud region, to witness the stunning beauty of Rara Lake. Lake Rara is the largest lake in the Himalayas of Nepal, at an altitude of 2,990 meters above sea level. 10.8 square km, the lake is the pride of nature and the sparkling blue sea in the shadow of the beautiful Himalayas. The lake is located in a remote area of ​​Nepal with a pristine environment in all respects, which is an added attraction for all trekkers.

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The route to Rara Lake crosses the border of Rara National Park, a living showcase of flora, fauna, birds and butterflies found in a variety of plants and climates. Trek Lake Rara allows you to travel through beautiful forests on a well-trodden path with stunning views of the mountains. Don’t be surprised if you spot moose, tiger, goral, Himalayan black bear, fallow deer or lophophora along the way, as the national park is rich in plants, birds, animals and reptiles. According to recent studies, about 1074 flower species, 51 mammal species and 214 bird species have been identified in this area.

Bill Greer, founder of the Great Outdoors Recreation Pages, described Rara Lake as a pure blue jewel set in a ring of snowy mountains. The description gives an idea of ​​the celestial beauty of Lake Rara. Off the beaten track of Rara Lake, the trek allows us to pass through GurchiLagna at an altitude of 3450 meters. The road to Rara Lake goes up through beautiful villages, beautiful forests and many hills. Rara Lake Trek is probably one of the most difficult treks that require a lot of strength and endurance, but the sheer beauty of this trek surpasses any challenge.

World Alpine Trek is happy to accompany you on your way to Lake Lara. If you are interested in the trip, please let us know. We even have our best travel sites to satisfy your craving for mountains, nature and adventure.

Rara Lake: A Serene Alpine Lake In Far-western Nepal

Day 1 is the day of your arrival in Kathmandu. Avoid all visas and customs upon arrival at the airport. On the way out you will find a World Alpine Treks representative holding a sign with your name on it. You will be transferred to your hotel in Kathmandu. The representative will inform you about future plans.

Where Is Rara Lake Located On The Map Of Nepal?

The second day is a day trip to warm up before the trip. Kathmandu is a city enriched with art palaces, beautiful buildings, ancient temples and other buildings of historical and cultural importance. No wonder

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