The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology – Index: Greek Mythology Overview What is the Odyssey Character Setting How Odysseus’ Journey Begins Book Assignment Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

The model used was chosen because it looks like heaven, and it is Zeus and the gods of the pantheon who reside (above Olympus). Pages are sorted by group.

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

Graphics: The graphics used are images from Odyssey. They are images from movies, famous paintings or works of modern art. Learning objects: text, video, graphics. Link –;;;; Excerpts: All the information I use comes from all the teaching resources I have used in the last 6 years. Obviously, I didn’t make up all the information myself, but I can’t say where I found these sources either. I’m sorry!

Theia The Dazzling Light”, Me, Digital, 2020 — Theia The Greek Goddess Of Light, Radiance, And Sight. She Is Believed To Be The Deity Who Endowed Gemstones And Precious Metals With Their

The ancient Greeks shared stories called myths about the gods, goddesses, and heroes they believed in. Each god or goddess was worshiped as a deity and ruled certain areas of Greek life.

Pantheon – The word “pantheon” describes a group of deities within a particular religion or mythology. When we refer to the Greek pantheon, we are referring to the entire group of gods worshiped by the ancient Greeks. ~ The Pantheon may also be a temple dedicated to the gods.

Mount Olympus – a mountain in Greece that is 9,576 feet above sea level. The ancient Greeks believed it was the home of the gods.

King of the gods and ruler of Olympus; God of sky and thunder. Youngest son of the Titans Kronos and Rhea. Symbols include lightning, eagle, oak, staff and scales. Hera’s brother and husband, although he had many lovers. Brother of Poseidon and Hades.

Greek Gods Goddesses Cartoon Characters Ancient Greece Olympia Vector Funny Stock Illustration By ©sonulkaster #210830462

Queen of the gods and goddess of marriage and family. Symbols include peacock, pomegranate, crown, cuckoo, lion and cow. Youngest daughter of Kronos and Rhea. Wife and sister of Zeus. As the goddess of marriage, she often sought revenge on Zeus’s beloved and his children.

God of the sea, earthquakes and tides. Symbols include the horse, bull, dolphin and trident. Middle son of Kronos and Rhea. Brother of Zeus and Hades. Married to the Nereid Amphitrite, however, like many Greek male gods, he had many lovers.

Goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature and weather. Symbols include the poppy, wheat, torch and pig. Middle daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Its Latin name, Ceres, gave us the word “cereal.”

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

God of wine, celebration and ecstasy. The patron deity of the theatrical arts. Symbols include grapes, ivy, bowls, tigers, panthers, leopards, dolphins and goats.

Greek Gods And Goddesses Worksheet

God of light, knowledge, healing, plague and darkness, art, music, poetry, fortune, archery, sun, youth and beauty. Son of Zeus and Leto. Symbols include the sun, harp, bow and arrow, crow, dolphin, wolf, swan and mouse. Twin sister of Artemis.

Goddess of hunting, virginity, childbirth, archery, the moon and all animals. Symbols include the moon, deer, dog, bear, snake, cypress, and bow and arrow. Daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo.

Messenger of the gods; God of commerce, thieves and games. Symbols include a caduceus (a staff with two snakes attached to it), winged sandals and a hat, a crane and a tortoise (whose shell he uses to make lyres).

The virgin goddess of wisdom, skill, defense and strategic warfare. Symbols include an owl and an olive tree. Daughter of Zeus and the sea goddess Metis, she rises from her father’s overgrown head and wears full armor as she swallows her mother.

Ancient Greek And Roman Gods And Goddesses

God of war, violence and bloodshed. Symbols include a boar, snake, dog, vulture, spear and shield. The son of Zeus and Hera, all the other gods (except Aphrodite) hated him.

Goddess of love, beauty and desire. Symbols include dove, bird, apple, bee, swan, myrtle and rose. The daughter of Zeus and the ocean goddess Dione, or possibly the sperm of Uranus, born of sea foam, poured into the sea after his youngest son Cronus castrated him, who then threw his father’s private parts into the sea. Married to Hephaestus, although she had several extramarital affairs, most notably with Ares.

The blacksmith and craftsman of the gods; God of fire and forging. Symbols include fire, anvil, axe, donkey, hammer, tongs and quail. Son of Hera, either by Zeus or alone. Married to Aphrodite, though unlike most god husbands, he was rarely moral.

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

Odysseus – King of Ithaca, husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus, son of Laertes. He was the first Greek epic hero known for his brains and strength.

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Penelope – Odysseus wife. She is serious and hardworking, the perfect wife and mother in many ways.

Telemachus – Son of Odysseus and Penelope. He had just entered adulthood and was keenly aware of his duty and his father’s reputation as a hero, which he felt he must live up to.

Calypso – A sea nymph who held Odysseus captive for nine years and who granted him immortality in hopes of making him her husband.

Circe – The witch who turned Odysseus’ crew into pigs and who helped Odysseus with advice and supplies on the way back after learning that he could not win, taking him as a lover. Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, And Heroes Handbook: From Aphrodite To Zeus, A Profile Of Who’s Who In Greek Mythology: 9781797125879: Liv Albert: Books

Polyphemus – A one-eyed cyclops who keeps Odysseus and his men in his cave

Scylla – A six-headed sea monster that Odysseus and his crew must overcome during their journey.

Sirens – Two beautiful maidens who live in a field of flowers on an island between Circe and Scylla. They lured passing sailors to their deaths with their seductive songs.

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

Antinous – Leader of the lawsuits and the first to be killed by Odysseus. He is a ruthless, greedy and hypocritical criminal, always trying to justify his bad behavior by distorting the motives or actions of others.

Zeus :: Greek God Of The Sky And Thunder, King Of The Gods

Elepnor – A young sailor from Odysseus’s crew who dies in an accident on the island of Circe and whose spirit condemns Odysseus to Hades.

Eumeus – Odysseus’ chief swineherd, who remains loyal to his master during his long absence and who plays an active role in helping Odysseus regain his kingdom.

Eurycleia – Ulysses’ faithful and devoted nurse, she recognizes him by the scar on his leg.

Eurylochus – one of Odysseus’ officers; He is an impudent and prudent man, who wisely avoids entering the palace of the circus in Book X, but also provokes the sailors when they sacrifice cattle to Helios.

Greek Mythology: Gods, Goddesses & Legends

Eurymachus – the second most important suitor; He is as bad as Antinous, but much gentler and more cowardly.

Laertes – Odysseus’ elderly father, who lives isolated from the demands of public life, on a small farm in the mountains behind Ithaca. Despite his advanced age, he remains alert and agile.

Melantho – One of Odysseus’ court maids; She was an ugly and unkind girl and unfaithful to her master, who became the mistress of Eurymachus.

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

Melantheus – Chief Gothard in Odysseus. In her master’s absence, she neglects her duties and associates herself with the suitors by fulfilling their wishes.

The Twelve Olympians

Menelaus – King of Sparta, husband of Helen and brother of Agamemnon. Like Odysseus, he had a series of misfortunes on his way back from Troy.

Mentor – A loyal friend of Odysseus who lived in Ithaca as a tutor to Telemachus; He is wise, calm and loyal.

Nestor – King Pylos, father of Pisistratus. A very wise and articulate old man, one of the few survivors of the Trojan War.

Philosio – Odysseus’ chief shepherd; He is brave and loyal and, despite his age, stands by his master’s side in battle.

Greek Gods And Goddesses: Family Tree And Fun Facts

Lestrygonians – A tribe of cannibalistic barbarians who severely defeated Odysseus and his men when a Greek ship landed in their country.

Scheria – Home island of the Phaeacians and kingdom of Alcinous. It can also refer to

Troy – A kingdom destroyed by the Greeks in the Trojan War. It is located on the west coast of Asia Minor.

The Gods And Goddesses Of Greek Mythology

2. Cicones Island: After leaving Troy, they stopped to raid this island for supplies. The Ciccones attacked on horseback and Ulysses lost 72 of his men.

Greek Mythology Coloring Pages Plus Facts: Gods & Goddesses (12 Free)

3. The island of lotus-eaters: Odysseus sends his men out to find food, and they must bring them back when they eat lotuses.

4. Cyclops Island: Here, Odysseus and his men discover the Cyclops’ cave, attracted by its cheese and wine. Polyphemus, the Cyclops, trapped them in a cave. Odysseus and his men blind the Cyclops, then flee under their herd.

5. Island of Aeolus: Aeolus, the god of the winds, gave Odysseus all the bad winds, so that he could sail home safely. Odysseus’ men go against his orders and open the bag, and all the wind escapes.

6. Laestrygonian Islands: The Laestrygonians, a race of cannibals, eat the Greeks. Only the men on Odysseus’ ship and himself survive.

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7. Circe Island: Circe is wandering

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