How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World – Since the beginning of the 20th century, the number of tigers in Asia has declined by about 96%, from 100,000 animals to less than 4,000. Half of the rest are in India.

However, the number of cases of poaching and human trafficking in India rose to a 15-year high last year as organized gangs of poachers roamed the country targeting the number of victims. The constant demand for tiger skins, bones and other body parts is met by poachers from China.

How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

Increased detection and containment efforts by law enforcement officers, reduced patrolling efforts, and risk of tigers outside protected areas as populations decline are other reasons for the sharp increase. This causes the young tigers to disperse and push the sick to the edges of protected areas.

Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp Grading

In 2016, several “good news” articles claimed that wild tiger populations had increased and that tiger numbers were increasing for the first time in 100 years.

But these stories fail to capture the whole picture. In fact, wild tiger populations around the world are still on the brink of extinction.

Reports of increasing numbers of wild tigers are false for several reasons. First, scientists have questioned the methodology behind estimates of global wild tiger numbers in recent years.

The current estimate of 3,890 tigers is perhaps as close as we come to a reasonable figure, and even that is considered by some to be incomplete. Rather than being an indication of tiger population recovery, this figure is a more rigorous basis for future comparisons.

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Today, the most stable tiger populations are usually found in scattered reserves, mostly in India. At the same time, wild tigers are disappearing from large areas of their former range. Tigers are now found in only 7% of their historical range.

Second, since 2010 alone, tiger populations in Vietnam, Lao PDR, and Cambodia have been actively declining, with no evidence of breeding populations. In China, wild tigers are still close to extinction.

Although there are encouraging signs of marginal population recovery in some areas, it does not represent a large or widespread recovery. Instead of chilling conservation efforts, the international community should recognize that tiger populations are in crisis.

How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

The most immediate threat facing wild tigers is poaching. In India, which has more wild tigers than any other country, more tigers were poached in 2016 than in any other year since 2001.

India’s Endangered Tiger Population Is Rebounding In Triumph For Conservationists

Wild tiger parts are smuggled across the Himalayas to meet demand in China, where their skins are used to decorate luxury homes, their bones are used to produce traditional medicines, and their teeth and claws are turned into ornaments and jewelry.

The fact that wild tigers are alive is due to the tireless efforts of the custodians of the sacred forest who put themselves at great risk every day to protect them and the conservationists around the world who support them.

It is remarkable that tiger populations in India remain healthy, largely due to the incredible tolerance and, in places, respect among the local communities that live near the tigers. This has been bolstered by high levels of political support since the 1970s, when Indian policy specifically prohibited trade in tiger parts and products, with severe penalties for unscrupulous traders.

But the same cannot be said for many other countries where tigers are often treated as commodities. China’s large-scale commercial tiger farming, the legal trade in captive tiger skins, increases the desirability of their parts and products by providing social acceptance and complex enforcement efforts. Meanwhile, consumer preferences for wild tiger parts run parallel to the counter trade in China. Wild-breed and captive tiger parts are sold openly in markets in Lao PDR, Vietnam, and Myanmar, areas without meaningful law enforcement.

Should You Keep A Tiger As A Pet?

The assumption that tigers are cared for has allowed them to fall down the list of priorities of the international community, and they are now languishing in the face of severe uncertainty.

In recent years, international attention to the plight of elephants and rhinos has begun to have an impact. China and the United States, the world’s largest ivory markets, have announced the closure of their legal domestic ivory markets. If wild tigers are to survive in the 21st century, it is imperative that tigers receive international attention and collective action.

Losing wild tigers means losing one of the most ecologically and culturally valuable species on Earth. As an apex predator, its presence is essential to ensuring the health of natural ecosystems, from mangroves to boreal forests, and the human communities that depend on them.

How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

In many Asian cultures, the wild tiger has unparalleled significance. The magnificent tiger of Chinese painting, literature and folklore is a beautiful and unknown wild animal. To lose tigers is not only to lose an essential species, but also to lose an important part of ourselves.

Male Sumatran Tiger Called Nias Sitting Against A Blue Sky At The Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Kent, England Stock Photo

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How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

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MEDAN, Indonesia β€” Indonesian journalist Ben Hussein vividly remembers the time he came face-to-face with a Sumatran tiger β€” or eight of them, actually.

“I once went to a man’s house here in Aceh and he had eight tiger skins, which again looked like real tigers,” Hussain told Al Jazeera from Loxumawe in Aceh, North Sumatra. β€œHe had plenty, and I’m sure if I had asked for one, he would have given it to me. Now they sell for millions of rupees (thousands of dollars).

Tigers Can Roam For Hundreds Of Miles

The endangered Sumatran tiger is on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with about 600 animals left in the wild.

Big cats face many challenges in their struggle to survive, including widespread deforestation, which has not only destroyed but fragmented their natural habitat.

Then there is kicking for tiger skin or body parts, which are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, although there is no evidence that they are effective.

How Many Blue Tigers Are Left In The World

Last weekend, a female tigress and a male cub, about 10 months old, were found trapped there.

The Return Of The Siberian Tiger?

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