Heli-skiing In The Annapurna Region: Descending Pristine Slopes By Helicopter

Heli-skiing In The Annapurna Region: Descending Pristine Slopes By Helicopter – A trip to Nepal is sure to be one of the most memorable trips of your life, add heliskiing in the middle of the Himalayas and you have an almost unbelievable trip. You’re sure to be the star of all campfire conversations between friends as they share stories and adventures.

All trips are Saturday to Saturday. Guests fly into Kathmandu on Saturday and fly to Pokhara (where the base of operations is) on Sunday. Heliskiing takes place Monday through Friday, with Saturday designated as a recovery day if needed. Two-week trips include a rest day with a possible 10 days of skiing. The day starts at 5:30 with breakfast. After breakfast, you can pack all the personal things you need for the day. You board the helicopter at 6:15 and begin your day of heliskiing. There is a short break at the end of each run with cold drinks, mineral water and a variety of snacks. You will be able to ski 4 to 6 slopes per day. By 11 or 12 o’clock you will be done with heli-skiing and return to Pokhara for lunch. You are free to explore Pokhara and the surrounding areas throughout the day.

Heli-skiing In The Annapurna Region: Descending Pristine Slopes By Helicopter

Heli-skiing In The Annapurna Region: Descending Pristine Slopes By Helicopter

A deposit is a temporary reservation that is only confirmed after full payment has been received. The balance of the trips is due 10 weeks before the first day of the scheduled heli-ski trip. Customers making last minute bookings of 10 weeks or less must pay in full at the time of booking.

Rapid Annapurna Base Camp Trek

There are no full or partial refunds for unused days or carriage due to late arrival, early departure or any other reason. There are also no refunds for “holiday days” if bad weather or helicopter malfunctions prevent guests from skiing on a particular day. 4 guaranteed rides per day. Refunds are made after 50 euros per slope without skis. If you decide not to ski a day (or days) for any reason, sit out the run or return early, you will not be reimbursed for the run. It is still dark when we put on our ski boots and walk outside our lodge to the heliport. Like VIPs, we crawl into the back seat, the rotor blades spinning at full speed. In a few seconds we rise from the ground. Like a bird catching an updraft, our helicopter turns into a landing zone on a ridge in the high alpine terrain. The pilot lands the helicopter between the plot marks and gives the thumbs up. Greg, our guide, steps outside, opens the door and pulls our skis and packs out of the basket as we descend into thigh-deep snow. The helicopter took off and the five of us stayed behind high, high on Skeena Mountain. We look around, bewildered by our loneliness. I’m still chewing my breakfast! Five minutes ago I was in the cottage; Now, I’m clicking in the bindings of my skis.

I’m at Last Frontier Heliskiing in Northern British Columbia, Canada. If you look at the map, it’s in the north, adjacent to the Alaska model, so it takes a bit of effort to get here. First, they have to take a flight from Vancouver or Calgary to Terrace, then home, a four-hour drive on the Cassiar Highway, the escape route to the north. The mountain wilderness of northern B.C. is the largest part of its land – the size of the Swiss Alps – and here Last Frontier offers the largest helipad area in the world. With an average annual snowfall of 15 to 25 meters, ranging from rolling slopes to steep gullies to beautifully vegetated ridges – this is Heli country at its best. And the best part is that we have them all!

Greg skis the trail first and sticks his pole into the snow, testing stability. He ushers us in one by one and reminds us to pull the strings from our packs to inflate the airbags in case the snow starts to slide under our feet, an avalanche. We ski down in a sheltered bowl of loose powder, feeling the swell of snow every time we make a turn. Once you find a rhythm, with your skis pointed down, effortlessly bounce back and forth, pumping your legs up and down with each turn. It pushes you into this weightless existence, living only in the present and forgetting the rest. This heavenly sensation is so intoxicating that you won’t want to stop even from behind your thighs! After cutting 500 meters of virgin line through the bright, fresh cold smoke, Greg stops to regroup. My friends in Argentina are very happy and we take a moment to rest and catch our breath. “What can be better than ski powder!” One of them is breathing. The sun rises and the sky turns vanilla with shades of pink and blue. “Enjoy the view,” says Greg, “now we’re going into the trees.”

We follow him through a pile of light dust so as not to fall into a deadly tree well. Navigating through dense trees can be difficult as you need to be quick in turns while maintaining speed. Below, we roam gullies, slalom around alders and ski around natural features. What a playground! We hear the helicopter circling the valley floor, voices on the radio, the pilot confirming that he is ready to pick us up. We pack our skis and poles and our ski lift comes to gather our group for another run. We do six runs before we break for lunch, which takes forever.

Short Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The guides saw a table out of the snow, put towels on it and served homemade soup, tea, sandwiches and other treats, fueling our bodies for another afternoon run. The fog has moved into the valley, canceling alpine skiing, but luckily there’s always tree skiing. All afternoon we cut ribbons through the silky snow of the dense forest, shouting and yodeling down. No wasted time – drop, ski, pick up, and I never waited long, and if I did, it was a welcome relief. And finally, at 3:30 p.m., we board the helicopter and return home.

Bell 2 Lodge is originally an old truck and gas station on the Yukon and Alaska route. In 1996, the founding partners (Georges Rosset, Franz Fuchs, Mike Watling and Jeff Straight) fell in love with the skiing opportunities in these unknown mountain ranges in the north of our era. After they bought the building, they rebuilt it and built it in Hailey Village. Even today, 27 years later and many upgrades and improvements, Last Frontier is still a family business. Today, over 90% of helicopter operations are home to the British Columbia range, making Canada the undisputed world capital of the sport. And there is no shortage of customers from all over the world. Most visitors are from Europe, followed by Americans, Australians, Canadians and South Americans. Despite the early season, the lodge is full, with 36 people a week chasing endless, high-quality skiing hard to find anywhere else.

I enter the building room, the returning skiers take off their gear. On the wall hangs a map of 10,100 square kilometers with more than 1,000 marked routes. With names like Valhalla, Wake Up Call, 407 Paradise and long runs of over 2,000 vertical meters, it’s no wonder you can ski the heights of Everest every day! Everyone is smiling and excited.

Heli-skiing In The Annapurna Region: Descending Pristine Slopes By Helicopter

The day ends with a roaring fire, après-ski snacks, sauna and hot tub, before dinner at Belle 2 Lodge with high quality cuisine. A group of skiers is as appealing as the menu items. A father-son team from the United States, Monaco and Finland, a German bachelor party, a French school reunion and an Argentinian family holiday. When I asked the Swiss visitor why he came, he said, “I’m not rich and I’ve been saving and skiing this world-famous powder for years. We have sunshine, ready runs and lots of people at home.” He sighs, “There is unlimited freedom to make your own mark here.” We discuss the terrible snow conditions in the Alps this year and the future of skiing there.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

American snowboarder Keaton points to his dessert and rubs his growing ‘healthy belly’. We remember the thrill and experience of surreal skiing today – and we can’t believe we’ll be doing it again the next day! We’re all smiling, knowing all those delicious calories will be consumed over 22,000m of skiing this week. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Everest View Hotel.

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