Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered

Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered – Deforestation, climate change, poaching, and pollution are endless threats to the livelihoods and habitats of many Amazon species that depend on the forests and ecosystems around the Amazon to survive and thrive.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), based in Gland, Switzerland, is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network, bringing together governments, NGOs, UN agencies, companies and communities. Basis for scientific research to formulate policy. And implement field work projects that contribute to the protection and conservation of wildlife. Every year, the IUCN publishes the IUCN Red List, which identifies endangered, endangered and endangered species around the world. The May 2013 red list includes more than 2,600 animals in South America, of which 118 are in Peru. Many of these endangered species live in the Amazon rainforest, including giant owls, South American monkeys, and red-faced Ukari monkeys.

Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered

Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered

Icon of the Amazon The giant rat (Pteronura brasiliensis) is the largest species in the weasel family (Mustelidae) and the most social. Although rare in northern Amazon, the giant rat is one of the animals of the Amazon rainforest, often found in areas such as Tambopata National Park and Manu National Park in southern Peru where they breed. Amazonian fish and crustaceans. Unfortunately, the destruction of giant rat habitats and poaching continue to threaten this beautiful species, and its numbers continue to plummet.

Insane’ Camera Trap Video Captures Rare Battle In The Amazon

The South American tapirus (Tapirus terrestris), along with the giant termite and jaguar, is considered the “big three” that travelers to South America must see. Tapirs are mammals that live in the Amazon rainforests of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. Despite its bulky appearance, the squirrel is the master of the fastest movement through impassable forest lands. They have thick skin and feed on clay to get many essential minerals.

Due to domestic hunting in the Amazon rainforest, habitat loss and low reproduction rates, environmentalists have long pushed for the conservation and conservation of tapir animals. The Madidi-Tambopat Grand Landscape Conservation Program is currently working with the governments of Bolivia and Peru to better manage construction, logging and hunting, reducing existing populations and reptile breeding rates.

The red-faced monkey (Cacajao calvus) is one of the most endangered monkeys in the Amazon rainforest. The name “Uakari” comes from an extinct tribe that lived in the Amazon rainforest centuries ago. Habitat destruction and poaching continue to threaten the monkeys, and their numbers are steadily declining. However, efforts to protect Uakari are widespread, in fact, the Tamshiaku Tahuayo Natural Reserve was created for this purpose.

The Amazon covers nine countries: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Surina, France, Guyana, Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. The Amazon rainforest is a vast area of ​​2.1 million square miles, located in a basin of 2.7 million square kilometers. Miles

Endangered Animal Facts For Kids

Pygmy sloth is becoming an endangered species. The two main reasons are that their environment is being destroyed and they are being hunted. Red mangroves are home to three-legged animals that are being cut down, putting pressure on innocent people.

The Amazon River is a wonderful area with many unique species of plants and animals. It is threatened by many factors, including climate change, habitat destruction, deforestation and poaching. Unfortunately, this is just a photo of hundreds of endangered Amazonian wildlife.

Continuing efforts to ensure wildlife protection is essential if we are to preserve the natural habitat of the Amazon we see on our Aqua Expeditions cruise ship.

Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered

Our team at Aqua Expeditions continues to work for sustainable management of Amazon natural resources. To find out more about our support for specific conservation and wildlife projects, read about the recent release of River Worms on Wildlife Day and our ongoing efforts to restore Tarikaya turtle numbers in the Pacaya Reserve Samiriya.

The Exotic And Endangered Species Of The Rainforest

Bird watching in Peru. Photo by Amazon Wildlife of the Month: Pink Dolphin. Rare view! Eagle harp and other representatives of the wildlife of the Amazon

Receive our newsletter by email Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest offers. Order a leaflet. Start planning your unique adventure. June 22 is World Forest Day, when we have the opportunity to find out about endangered species living in these beautiful areas around the world and find out how you can help protect them. It is also a great way to shed more light on the conservation of forests, the specific causes and efforts being made around the world.

Rainforests are the most diverse soil ecosystems in the world. Unfortunately, due to deforestation, rising temperatures and declining natural resources, many animals are being pushed out of their habitats and their populations are declining rapidly. This can lead to ecological imbalance and even extinction.

Here are some amazing endangered species that we need to take care of in the coming years to help them and their habitat see a bright and prosperous future.

The Endangered Species Collection

The venomous arrow frog is only about two inches long, notable for its bright neon color. These guys really know how to impress by standing on the list of the world’s most poisonous frogs.

No, according to National Geographic, just one frog is poisonous enough to kill 10 people! Sounds strange, some people even keep poisonous frogs as pets.

Poison frogs play an important role in rainforests. They keep their ecosystem in balance, often feeding on small insects. Unfortunately, they are losing their habitat and their numbers are declining, largely due to deforestation.

Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered

Orangutans are loved by many because of their charming and intelligent nature. Unfortunately, all three oranges are now listed as endangered or endangered, and the World Wildlife Fund estimates that there are about 120,000 individuals left in the wild.

Rainforest Preservation Depends On Animal Poop

In fact, the Tapanuli monkey is the most endangered of all the great apes. All animals still living in the wild are found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, mostly on Sumatra and Bono.

The Amazonian dolphin is a beautiful freshwater mammal known for its unique pink skin color. Pink dolphins are found in the waters of the Orinoco River and in the Amazon rainforest.

When waterways are dry and polluted, these dolphins are at risk of extinction. Not to mention the declining numbers of fish that make it difficult for them to feed. Classified as vulnerable, the exact number of Amazon dolphins remains unknown. But it is estimated that it is somewhere in the tens of thousands.

Three-toed mammals are in critical condition, with fewer than 100 still living in the wild. They live on the Isla Escudo de Veraguas in the Caribbean.

Rainforest Animals On The Verge Of Extinction

The main reason for the threat of extinction is because their already limited habitat is being destroyed and deforested. Funny fact: These mammals are the smallest of the three-toed mammals, with an average size of 20 cm.

All remaining tigers are now threatened with extinction due to poaching and human encroachment. Three of the nine subspecies of tigers are known to be extinct, leaving only six with a very small total population.

It should be noted that less than 2,000 Bengal tigers remain in the wild. These carnivores can weigh from 220 to 560 pounds. They can be found in the rainforests of India and Bangladesh.

Animals In The Rainforest That Are Endangered

Rio Branco ants are found in Brazil and Guyana. Again, deforestation in their habitat is the main reason for their decline .

How The Amazon Rainforest Fire Impacts Animals

Birdlife International explains that most of the deforestation affecting these birds will be due to cattle and soybean production, and that there are 6,000 to 15,000 ants left in the forest.

Notably, 77% of soybean production is consumed in animal feed. We can expect a rapid decline in population if changes are not made to prevent deforestation and reduce its impact.

If you are interested in helping the species listed below, check out the resources provided by the World Wildlife Fund and the Rainforest Trust, which are doing significant work to conserve and increase the population of both endangered species. This will prevent the environmental degradation of forests around the world. . .

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Red Uakari Very Endangered Species Amazon Stock Photo 3673490

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