Dashain: Nepal’s Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory

Dashain: Nepal’s Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory – Dashen is a 15-day national Hindu festival of Nepal The festival commemorates the victory of gods and goddesses over demons For more information,

The festival includes family gatherings, prayers to Goddess Durga, offering animal sacrifices (kids, ducks, chickens, oxen, etc.) to the goddess, playing cards and eating. From the 10th to the 15th of the festival, everyone is busy taking tika (a mixture of rice, curd and ink) and receiving the blessings of the elders.

Dashain: Nepal’s Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory

Dashain: Nepal's Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory

Every household has its own traditions when it comes to the Dashen celebration, but it usually revolves around family, cards, kits, and food (usually meat-related food). Besides.

A Devotee Dressed Up As Deity Carrying Sword Participates In Khadga Jatra(sword Procession) On Dashami,the Tenth Day Of Dashain,a Biggest Hindu Festival In Kathmandu,nepal. (photo By Archana Shrestha/pacific Press Stock Photo

On the eighth day of Dashain (Maha Astami), hundreds of thousands of oxen, goats, pigeons, ducks etc. are sacrificed in many temples and homes across the country.

On the ninth day Vishwakarma, the god of creativity, is worshipped. Artisans and mechanics worship animals and dedicate them to tools and machines It is also believed that if cars are parked on this day, accidents will not occur throughout the year.

Various snacks are prepared at home Shell (similar to a donut made from rice flour and fried in ghee) is a must After the vaccination ceremony is over, they all gather around the table and enjoy a big meal in their hands

Sweet is clear I’m not a big fan of Nepali/Indian sweets, but I love fresh jalebis (funnel cakes that look like they’ve been dipped in sugar syrup).

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2074 From Catch Themes Family

I really enjoyed celebrating Dashen with my family in Nepal after 8 years and hope to do it again Festivals are the best way to get closer to your family and culture Dashen The festival of good against evil is the Nepali version of the famous Dashela festival It is an annual Nepali festival where families come together to enjoy 12 days of joy, kindness, traditional food and bonding with parents.

Nepal’s Dashen festival begins on Shukla Paksu (bright moon fortnight) and ends on the full moon day between September and October. During this period, believers clean their homes and decorate them brightly The common belief behind this custom is that the goddess visits the house and blesses it Families gather and markets are filled with shoppers buying gifts and clothes to celebrate the Dashain festival.

Animals like sheep, goats, oxen, chickens and ducks are prepared to be sacrificed to the deity Most commercial organizations and businesses remain closed during the festival The entire country gathers to celebrate the Dashen festival of Nepal with family and friends

Dashain: Nepal's Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory

Kite flying is one of the most popular pastimes in every household during the Dashen festival The belief behind this custom is that flying kites will warn God to bring more rain His old family is used to cards and gambling. Buying and wearing new clothes is important for Dashen Meanwhile, a unique bamboo swing is installed which is traditionally made using bamboo sticks, wood and rope. The craft is some 20 feet tall and is prepared a week before the gatastapana (translated as “making the pot or bowl”).

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The main festivals of Dashen are held over 10 days, the most important of which are the 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th days.

The day is the most important Various avatars of Goddess Shakti are worshiped here in Nepal.

Ghatastpana is the day of preparing a kalash (vessel) filled with Gangajar (holy water) and covered with barley seeds and cow dung, which marks the beginning of Dashen in Nepal. The pot symbolizing Maa Durga is placed in a rectangle of sand mixed with sand and wheat seeds The priest then began to chant and pray which meant asking Mother Durga to sit in the boat. Maa Durga is believed to stay in the Kalash river for the next nine days, so each day the Kalash river is filled with holy water and kept away from the sun so that the bar seed can grow to at least 15 cm. This holy grass is called Jamala

On the seventh day, tradition, ritual Kalash, jamala, banana and sugarcane tied in red cloth. The Gorkha Brahmins took this bundle on a three-day journey from Kathmandu to Hanuman Dhoka, the Qing palace. It was a Purputi Kirab ceremony with a beautiful display by the Nepali Army and a gun salute in honor of Purputi. However, now that the President is seated as King and Pulpati offerings are now sent to the President’s house, this practice no longer exists.

Dashain Festival In Nepal, Significance, How Is Dashain Celebrated?

On this day, Kali, the fierce incarnation of Maa Durga, delights in animal sacrifices in Nepal Maha Othami Night is also known as Kal Ratri (Dark Night) because it is the ritual slaughter of 54 goats and 54 bullocks when the clock strikes midnight. After sacrificing the blood of these animals, the meat is cooked as ‘Rasad’ (blessed by God) in the homes of the devotees. Then put it in a small leaf plate and offer it to all the gods and goddesses of the house and share it among the whole family. This dish is considered auspicious and is expected to be enjoyed on all occasions

Maha Navami is the last day of Navratri, and during this period the rituals and ceremonies reach their climax. Hanuman performed the ritual slaughter of a bull in the courtyard of the Government Army Kot of the Dhoka Palace. This day of ghost hunting traditionally refers to the myth that Goddess Durga destroyed a demon (Mahisasura) that was hidden in an animal body. god of creation

It is also worn on this day Locals believe that if they worship cars and other vehicles on this day, there will be no accidents in the coming year. The gates of the Taleju Temple are open to the public only on Maha Niva Every day hundreds of devotees come to pay homage to the goddess.

Dashain: Nepal's Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory

(mixed with curd, rice and ink) is covered with Jamala on the forehead of the young family to seek blessings for their parents. This big red vaccine symbolizes the blood that binds the family

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It is the full moon night and the last day of Dashen Goddess Lakshmi tonight The goddess of fortune and wealth is worshipped. It is believed that he descends to earth on this night and brings wealth and prosperity to faithful families who stay awake at night

According to Hindu mythology, the demon Mahishasura (Devarok) wreaked havoc and terror on the kingdom. Then Maa Durga killed him and saved the world from him. The first nine days of the festival symbolize the nine-day battle that took place between the various incarnations of Maa Durga and Mahishasura. The 10th day signifies the victory of good over evil when Maa Durga kills the demons and gains victory over the demons. According to Hindu Ramayana belief, Dashen also represents Rama’s victory over Rama. Travel Tips

Dashain in Nepal is a festival of love, homecoming, positivity and generosity The festival concluded with an optimistic atmosphere among the locals and a positive outlook on life ahead Devotees believe that they are blessed by Goddess Durga and therefore they hope that the coming year will be smooth, happy and prosperous.

New Year Fairs and Festivals in Nepal – 1224 Fun Things to Do in Nepal 2024 Dashen, one of the most important Hindu festivals in Nepal, is all about community building, worship and of course great traditions. But it’s also a big concern for animal rights groups

Celebrating Dashain In Nepal — Food, Pleasure & Health

Dashain is one of the most obscure festivals in the world Many community building activities such as making flying kits and bamboo swing ‘pins’ Kites are flown to warn the spirits not to rain again On the other hand, the swing symbolizes having fun with a strong community

On the one hand, it is believed that the gods like to sacrifice thousands of animals. Thus, the fields around the temple are often covered with the blood of bulls, ducks and other animals

The festival was held for 15 days between September and October and culminated in a two-day massacre It is a big event for Nepali people, and preparations start a week before the festival But many animal rights groups have criticized the festival as inhumane and cruel.

Dashain: Nepal's Biggest Hindu Festival Of Victory

Dashen is also celebrated by Nepal’s Buddhist community, honoring the adoption of Buddhism and the principle of ahimsa by King Ashoka, one of India’s most powerful emperors. So, if you happen to be in Kathmandu or any other city in Nepal during this time, be sure to join the locals. Dashain is the biggest and longest festival

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