Garden Of The Gods Resort And Spa

Garden Of The Gods Resort And Spa – I had the pleasure of staying at the Garden of the Gods Resort & Club this past weekend and all I can say is WOW. From the moment you walk in, the view of the Garden of the Gods hits you and I felt all my stress melt away.

I decided it would be fun to invite my mom over for a girls weekend and the whole experience exceeded our expectations. The drive from Denver was very easy, it only took us an hour to get to the resort, and the scenery along the way was great. I was impressed with the service at the resort! The staff was very friendly and made us feel at home the entire time. The scenery and mountain views from the resort are truly amazing! The pictures don’t do it justice, but as your trusty blogger, I did my best to capture it!

Garden Of The Gods Resort And Spa

Garden Of The Gods Resort And Spa

Now that you have an overview of the trip… let’s really dig in! Where to start?! The resort itself is beautiful! Think mountain, with modern upgrades and breathtaking views all around. There are over 100 rooms, including the casita where we stayed. The resort came under new ownership seven years ago, and what was once just a private club has become a luxury resort open to all. They host weddings, retreats and pilgrimages. They were actually having a wedding on the lawn when we were there and what a scene for the ceremony! Talk about epic wedding photos! I think the resort would be really fun for a bachelorette party too! You can purchase a Casita with several bedrooms and the perfect combination of spa, pool and relaxation while enjoying hikes in the Park of the Gods and outdoor activities such as golf or horseback riding. Perfect Colorado girls for us!

Garden Of The Gods Resort And Club Reviews, Deals & Photos 2023

Our Casita was just a short walk from the main resort and felt like being in Palm Springs. The landscape surrounding the casita area is filled with beautiful streams, flowers, hiking trails and golf courses, Pikes Peak and of course our favorite rocks. All Casitas are brand new and feature one to three bedrooms, elegant furnishings, kitchen and dining rooms, fireplaces and a very luxurious atmosphere. Keep up the Kardashians, this girl is living the high life! My mom and I had two bedrooms and three bathrooms and we were very impressed with how well it turned out and how beautiful each of our rooms was. You can spend all day at the casita and be perfectly happy.

But eventually the spa won me over and I headed to the Strata Wellness Center for the Aipa Energy Body Treatment. Don’t know what that means? Hey, me neither! But trust me friends, this is a spa treatment you will want to remember and try when you visit the resort yourself. Here’s how the website describes the treatment: “Aipa is a mystical Andean ink treatment that uses natural, organic indigenous plants and fruits from Peru. Purple Corn Scrub, Lucoma Warming Body Mask, Sasha Inch Oil and delicious Organic Quinoa Cream complete a treatment that awakens all the senses with these root elements of Earth, Air and Fire. That’s how I describe this hour of pure goodness. Პirveli. , treats you to a body scrub that smells simply divine! Then wash off and head back to the massage table for the warmth we all love. For the rest of the treatment, a warming mask that feels like warm oil is massaged all over the body and OH WOW, this is definitely one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I felt really good and melted on this table. To be honest, I’m sleepy and feeling relaxed again just typing this… About the spa, they also have a Himalayan salt room which was very impressive and has healing effects on health and mood!

Well, back from your cat’s nap after a rejuvenating spa treatment. Afterwards, my mom and I went to the infinity pool, which is limited to 21+ only. Their Kissing Camels Golf Club also has a family pool area with a hot tub, as well as a fun pool and swimming area. But we decided to embrace that life at the infinity pool, because who doesn’t want a front row seat with a view of the Garden of the Gods and bar service! This pool view is easily in the top five I’ve seen. I couldn’t even focus on my book, which was set aside, because the stage was the real star of the show! It was fun having a pre-dinner drink and basking in the sun. I highly recommend their Aperol Spritz!

For dinner, we decided to move into our favorite casita, put on some cozy clothes, and relax by the outdoor fireplace, because #vacation, right?! The food was great and I felt like we were living in luxury! It was great to sit outside and enjoy the sunset over the red rock formations and catch and laugh at night. Good wine, good time and good accommodation!

About Garden Of The Gods Club And Resort

The rooms were very comfortable and it was great to sit on our king size bed! The next morning we went to the resort’s Beach & Cable Barista, which serves Starbucks coffee, smoothies, snacks, and best of all, homemade cakes! I am gluten free and was surprised at how many gluten free options there are! The first day I had lemon curd and the second day I had pumpkin curd because… treat!

Before we left, we managed to hang out by the pool and continued our ultimate relaxation with a poolside lunch. I honestly cannot recommend Garden of the Gods Resort and Club enough, especially to all of our followers in Denver and Colorado! Very easy to get to and really feels like you’re on vacation! This resort has a lot to offer and is ideal for a variety of tours. Think family vacation, couples vacation, spa weekend, golf trip, travel adventure – it’s all there! When I next go back, these are just a few things I already have on my to-do list!

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Garden of the Gods Resort & Club for hosting us. This weekend getaway exceeded all expectations and was such a dream come true. Until next time… I’ll be back! Known locally as the Beetle Museum, this vintage roadside collection houses more than 100,000 butterflies, beetles, spiders, butterflies, scorpions and other insects caught around the world since the 1900s. attraction off Highway 115. Among the exquisite specimens handed down from generation to generation and encased in centuries-old wooden boxes are neon-colored butterflies and beetles the size of small cats.

Garden Of The Gods Resort And Spa

Advertising hats, bow ties, ties, belts and cufflinks, this little enclosure is actually a secret gin bar inside. After ringing the “service” bell, guests are ushered into a dimly lit modern bar serving only gin cocktails. Expect classic gimlets and martinis, where $9 drinks cost 900 cents.

Garden Of The Gods Resort And Club Reviews

If you’re visiting Colorado Springs, chances are you’re the active type. And luckily, a like-minded community awaits you at Jack Queens, with its Tuesday Irish Bar Club. Locals and non-residents alike, runners and walkers can participate in the 5-kilometer course that winds through Monument Valley Park and ends downtown with a cold pint — or hot toddy, depending on the season — at the Tejon Street venue.

The red sandstone cliffs of this 789-acre park are like the Garden of the Gods, only on a smaller scale. The park, located on the west side of town, is a popular hiking spot with locals, with 10 miles of trails that wind through broken canyons, glassy pools, and parallel hills (known as “hogbacks”). It is on them that travelers see shark teeth and ammonite fossils (there are even documented dinosaur tracks).

, it’s like walking through the museum’s decorations. A replica of the old mining towns that dotted the region in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the outpost is marked by a trail that houses a blacksmith shop, saloon and saloon. Stables and Victorian houses connect and move through crowded rooms. With dynamic data and thousands of authentic samples.

Downtown Colorado Springs offers the largest concentration of local shops and restaurants in Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. The wide streets are lined with clothing boutiques, art galleries and outdoor gear shops, and the sidewalks are decorated with contemporary art sculptures and historic bronze statues. Download the map here.

Garden Of The Gods Club & Resort

Once the country’s morgue, this subterranean facility has now become sexier.

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