How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu – Lord Kaubar is the god of wealth and lord of the treasures of the world. Cobra was in good health, adorned with jewels, carrying a pot of money and a club. Shri Kuber Dev is specially blessed on Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodashi and on Deepawali by Goddess Lakshmi.

According to our scriptures everyone should perform Kuber Vedic Puja and worship on the auspicious day of Dhan Triyodashi two days before Deepawali for money, growth and success. Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji explained Vidhi Vidhan to use Veda Mantras while performing Kuber Puja.

How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

1. Place the photo of Lord Cobra and Guruji in your home temple or in a clean and tidy place in your home where you can sit and pray.

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2. If possible anywhere a chest (Tijori, िजोरी) or any Ba elryJew money near the framed picture of Lord Kuber, which represents Shri Kuber himself and worship even after drawing a swastika on it with Roli or Sindoor.

Meaning – Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru Deva is Mahasvara (Shiva), Guru is true Para-Brahman (Supreme Brahma); Hello master.

4. Now take holy water – Gangajal, some rice, flowers and money (Dakshina) in your right palm with full devotion and following Sankalpa recitation.

Om Shri Vishnur Vishnur Vishnuh Aham ………. (state your name) ………. (say your gotra, if not know say Kashyap) Gotro utpann Sa Pariwarasay Guru Rajneesh Rishi Guru Dharan avam Kuber Pujan Ch Karishaye.

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Meaning – In the holy presence of Lord Vishnu, I perform, with the names and names of my ancestors, the Kuber Puja after performing the holy Guru Rajneesh Rishi to protect me and my family.

5. Chant 1 Mala (108 chants) of the Guru Mantra before every Puja so that you can receive Guruji’s blessings in every good and bad phase of your life. Post Scriptum. – It hardly takes 5-7 minutes to sing 1 hymn or 108 hymns

6. Now take rice and flowers in your right palm and remember Lord Shri Ganesha reciting the following mantra

How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

Meaning – Lord Ganesha, curved stem, large body, and with the glow of a million suns, make all my worship and work unhindered, always.

Akshaya Tritiya 2023: Kuber Lakshmi Puja, Rules And Benefits

7. Now meditate on this keeper of the universe, Lord Shri Vishnu, say his blessings with the following mantra and say your wish/aim of worship.

Meaning – Good luck to Lord Vishnu, good luck to him who has Garuda as his banner, good luck to him whose eyes are like lotus flowers and good luck to Hari, who is the guardian of this universe.

8. Now take rice and flowers in your right hand while reciting the following mantra and meditate on the holy feet of Lord Shri Kovar.

Meaning – I pray to Shri Kovar, the one who drives the chariot in human form, the one who controls all things (money and treasure) like the great Garuda, who is the companion of Lord Shiva, who is adorned with crowns and other ornaments. and who have one. Launch var abhaya mudra and he has a Mace on the other side.

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9. Now take rice and flowers in your right hand while chanting the following mantra and ask Lord Shri Kovar Dev to appear (Avahan) for worship.

It means – O Dev, please come, I invite you. Please come and stay here to help me. Please protect and enrich my estate and wealth.

11. Now you must recite the following powerful Kuber Mantra at least 108 times (1 of these) or 5/11/21 Mala to please Kuber Dev.

How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

11. Now finally pray to Lord Shri Kovar for your wealth, money, growth and success and take rice and flowers in your right hand while chanting the following mantra.

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It means – I convey my blessings to Shri Kovar Deva! I hope Shri Cobra will be pleased with my pooja and worship. I bowed to him several times.

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How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

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How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

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How To Do Kubera Pooja At Home In Telugu

This type of data sharing may be considered the “sale” of information under California privacy laws. If personalized advertising is turned off, you will opt out of this “sale”. Learn more in our privacy policy, help center, and cookie policy and similar technologies Lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity to our lives because she is the goddess of wealth. Just as human life would be difficult without air in the same way, the most important thing to survive on earth was ‘money’. Money is the main necessity of all worldly pleasures. Without money, life becomes boring and sometimes painful. Meanwhile, Kubera Ji is brought as the treasurer. During Deepavali goddess Lakshmi and Cobra ji are prayed in every house in every house but people who have lot of money and waste problems don’t stay with them and start losing their business, for such people it is a good solution is Lakshmi Cobra Jana for this problem. . . Once that is done the problem lies within

Lakshmi Kubera Puja

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