How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild – Borneo’s orangutan population has halved in just 16 years. The worst part is that this is not the dangerous result of agricultural growth, as many believe. However, most of the missing orangutans were killed intentionally.

“It’s not a good picture,” said lead researcher Serge Wich of Liverpool John Moores University in the United Kingdom. “We have to understand that murder is a big problem.

How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

His team studied Borneo orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus), as the name suggests, living on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. There are two other orangutan species native to the neighboring island of Sumatra.

On World Orangutan Day

Wich and his colleagues collected data from 1999 to 2015. Surveys of orangutan nests on the island of Borneo by 38 conservation and research organizations. Orangutans make new nests every night to sleep in. Counting nests thus provides a good measure of orangutan numbers.

In 1999, surveyors found an average of 23 nests for every kilometer traveled in the forest. But in 2015, they only saw 10 nests per kilometer.

Accordingly, Wich’s team estimated that Borneo’s orangutan population had declined from about 300,000 to 150,000. In total, about 148,500 animals had been lost over 16 years.

Many believe that the greatest threat to the people of Borneo is the destruction of the forest in which they live due to agriculture and forestry, and the development of oil fields. However, this turned out to be wrong. The team found that only 10 percent of the decline was caused by habitat loss due to crops and trees.

New Orangutan Species Described In Indonesia

Instead, nearly 70 percent of the losses occurred in primary forests, or areas that are actively managed through selective logging and reforestation. The remaining 20 percent of casualties were in non-forested areas and fires.

Most of the killings were done by villagers who felt threatened by livestock or killed them for food, or by farmers trying to protect their crops. According to Wich, orangutans straying into palm plantations are often killed illegally because they can harm small oil palms and steal the fruit.

The researchers interviewed hundreds of villagers, and while most denied killing the orangutans, some said they did. In addition, some baby orangutans are illegally offered for sale as pets.

How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

One way is to compensate palm oil and paper farmers for the harm caused to orangutans, perhaps by raising the price of raw materials.

Dramatic Decline In Borneo’s Orangutan Population As 150,000 Lost In 16 Years

It may be more difficult to get local people to stop eating or killing orangutans. “We have to be very careful and explain to the villagers that the orangutans will not attack if you leave them alone,” Wich said.

“It is very sad, but not surprising, to hear that Borneo has lost more than 100,000 orangutans from this important habitat in 16 years,” said Philip Mansbridge, UK director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

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Why The Orangutan Is Endangered

Orangutans, the world’s largest tree-climbing mammals, are under severe threat from deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, which threatens all three species.

But ten monkeys were released this week by conservationists on the Indonesian side of the island of Borneo.

Due to the problem of the coronavirus, which is known to affect the monkeys, helicopters have been used to move the animals from the reserves to places deep in the forest.

How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

Primates are known as “farmers of the forest” because they play an important role in dispersing seeds and maintaining healthy ecosystems. However, deforestation for agriculture in Indonesia and Malaysia has led to rapid degradation and extinction.

Facts About Orangutans

A total of five baby orangutans, a mother with two babies and two other females were released with the help of the Indonesian Conservation Service.

All Bornean orangutans were kept in captivity until they were rescued. According to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), 19-year-old Nenuah was among those released after being repatriated from Thailand.

“Using a helicopter is the best way to transport orangutans during an epidemic,” BOSF program manager Denny Kurniawan told Reuters.

He said it takes three days for a car to reach a parking spot, which could increase the spread of Covid-19.

Are Orangutans Endangered, How Many Are Left In Borneo And Sumatra And What Is Being Done To Save The Great Apes?

Because of Utan’s susceptibility to human respiratory diseases, doctors wore suits and masks during pretreatment examinations. release the monkeys into the forest.

“Efforts to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus have hampered many conservation efforts,” said Handi Nasoka, deputy director of the Central Kalimantan Conservation Agency.

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How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

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We Could Lose Two Orangutan Species In The Next Few Decades If Action Is Not Taken

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Why Bornean Orangutans Are Endangered And What We Can Do

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How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

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The People Who Believe Orangutans Are Family

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Conservationists Release 10 Orangutans Into The Wild In Indonesia

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How Many Bornean Orangutans Are Left In The Wild

A brown-skinned fan celebrates the Bisket Jatra festival in Thimi, Bhaktapur district on the outskirts of Kathmandu

Borneo Has Lost Half Its Orangutans Due To Hunting And Habitat Loss

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How Many Orang Utans Are Left In The World?

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