How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World

How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World – Sumatran elephants are surrounded by forests in the Aceh region of northern Indonesia. Their homes are mainly destroyed by oil palm plantations. Attempts by scientists to measure the continuum were blocked and suppressed by the Indonesian government, which sought to prevent the cause from being published in the media.

Between 924-1360, every surviving Sumatran elephant # hangs on the palms of Sumatran captured by deforestation. “Sustainable” palm oil is a lie. FIGHT FOR THEM AND #BAMAIL #IGNORE 4 WILDLIFE Tweet

How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World

How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World

Sumatran #elephants are surrounded by dead land in northern Aceh, #Indonesia, rains always go to #palmoil plantations to help the store #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4WildlifeTweet

Elephant Documentary Series Draws Human Connections

Saleh Khatri, a young farmer from the village of Lyubok Pusaka in North Aceh province, was visiting his garden when he saw eight elephants on the river bank. He took video on his cell phone from the boat. Watching sleeping animals. One of the boats seemed to be watching Saleh move, while the others turned to run. “Elephants! Elephants!” Saleh and his friends shouted until all the animals went behind the trees.

They were caught. They could not cross the river and return to the forest as they cleared land in the next village called Zod Greg from the opposite side. Nurdin Mongabai, a nature conservation officer in the North Aceh region, located at the tip of Indonesia’s North Sumatra island, told Mongabay.

After a few days, the herd managed to escape through the rain. But there are no limits. When they reached Kot Greg, the elephants found food in the villagers’ village and destroyed four houses. The villagers are not happy.

In the past few years, a large land conservation has been carried out in North Aceh, Aceh province, located on the east coast of Sumatra. Despite the county’s ban on new corporate palm oil plantation permits, conservationists say deforestation in the country continues.

Sumatra’s Endangered Elephants

The North Aceh government has given permission to clear oil palm plantations to smallholders, some of whom are said to be controlled by powerful men in the region. This change in land use, according to conservationists, has further reduced the Sumatran elephant’s habitat. “If we don’t take this problem more seriously, I believe the animals will soon be wiped out,” Noordin said.

According to him, in Aceh soil, four to five human-elephant fights occur almost every day between elephants and human accidents. Elephants continue to be captured, poached and poisoned, and farmers suffer financial and sometimes physical losses. Azmi asked an urgent question, “Our ship is sinking.”

According to population estimates by the Indonesian Elephant Conservation Forum, Aceh make up 42 percent of Sumatran elephants, which FKGI (

How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World

More than 85% of Sumatran elephants live outside protected areas. Species that need to be protected are already endangered. Our ship is sinking. Vahdi Azmi, Elephant Keeper, Aceh Conservation Intervention Unit 924-1360 Sumatran elephants depend on Sumatra for survival.

Scientists Turn To Dna From Sumatran Elephant Dung To Aid Conservation

Scientists have determined that there are a total of 924-1,359 Sumatran elephants in 22 habitats on the island of Sumatra. Half of them live in Aceh province where Cot Girek is located. A quarter is in two national parks, and the remaining settlements live on large tracts of land run by palm and pulp plantation companies along Sumatra’s east coast. An unpublished paper explains the decline: “Habitat loss is the main problem … so the death rate of the Sumatran elephant exceeds its birth rate.”

An estimated population of 924-1,359 work for a living on oil palm and pulpwood concessions in Riau and Jambi provinces, with some in national parks in Lampung province.

“Aceh is our hope,” said Vahti Azmi, a security guard who heads a local security group called CRU Aceh. According to the latest estimates, 392-456 elephants still exist across the state, struggling to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

“More than 85 percent of Sumatran elephants live outside protected areas,” Azmi said. He said 4-5 elephant-human fights are recorded every day in Aceh. In June, conflict intensified in northern Aceh, where palm oil was cleared in many areas.

Eleven People Sentenced For Killing Five Sumatran Elephants In Indonesia

The sound of the PVC air cannon at Jod Creek woke up Junaid around 2 am. A 31-year-old farmer leads a herd of elephants in the village. On hearing the sound, the elephants entered the hide of the beasts.

“If you see wild elephants around your house, shoot five times with a gun” – villagers were warned to communicate with others who live kilometers away with poor mobile communications. Junaidi shot only overnight, but he had to get up despite the rain and look for the leader. In the dark, he walked about 10 kilometers (6 mi) on muddy tracks around the village where he had stopped.

Junaidi and Zod Gregg and other villagers in Lubok Pusaka have been vigiling at night since early June. Four wooden huts were made by the elephants within a month.

How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World

Asnavi, a small gardener living in a shack in United, walks 3 kilometers (about 2 miles) to find 400 palm oil left by elephants in his garden. “We couldn’t sleep well,” said Asnavi’s sister Aida, not wanting the crops to meet the same fate after seeing the damage.

Critically Endangered Elephants ‘left To Starve’ As Bali Park Hit By Pandemic

Husna, an environmentalist from a local NGO called “People’s Awareness,” or Sahara, by its Indonesian acronym, attributed the increase in human-elephant conflict to habitat loss. The cleared land from Junaid’s hut shows the wooded hills in the distance. Deforestation has eliminated the transition zone between the mountains and the countryside. No undergrowth is interspersed.

North Aceh has long had one of the highest deforestation rates in Aceh province, according to Lukmanul Hakeem, manager of the Geographical Information System of Forest, Nature and Environment Aceh (HAkA), a conservation group that focuses on the leuser ecosystem in Sumatra. An analysis of satellite data by PlanetScope, which it calls a provider of highly accurate satellite images, found the country lost 7,508 hectares (18,553 acres) of forest between 2017 and 2020.

Satellite data from the Nusantara Atlantis Forest Observatory shows significant deforestation over the past two years in Lubok Pusaka and Zod Greg on the northern side of the lake.

Data collected from the collars of GPS-tagged elephants in northern Aceh between 2016 and 2019 shows rain has destroyed elephant migration routes, conservation agency official Noordin said.

Exclusive Look Into How Rare Elephants’ Forests Are Disappearing

Lillys Indriani, head of the North Aceh Agriculture, Livestock and Animal Diseases Agency, acknowledged the land clearing operations in Kot Kreg.

“But these lands are not forests,” he said. Lillis said much of this conservation was done by local people, not corporate actors. According to him, in general, the area is leaning towards ecology. Since 2016, the village has been actively pushing for new palm oil. “We are not allowing companies to open new palm plantations,” he said. We do not supply oil palm seeds to small farmers.

But people elsewhere see it differently. Junaidi said the land around his hut was owned by powerful government officials. The new deforestation is even greater under the central government, which is giving 8,000 hectares (19,800 acres) of land to former fighters of the now-defunct armed rebel group the Aceh Independence Movement, or GAM. President Bardai Aceh’s political party is a continuation of the political movement.

How Many Sumatran Elephants Are Left In The World

Poor villagers and elephants have always struggled with conflict. In Aleu Buloh, state-owned PT Perkebunan Nusantara I. Junaidi’s cottage is nestled among forests and palm plantations. During a walk by a group of villagers to reduce elephant fighting, the company said nothing was provided to them. Compensation. “We guard the gates…everything that comes to us regarding the movement of wild elephants,” he said. (PTPN did not respond to an interview request).

Why Indian Elephants Are Endangered And What We Can Do

People like Junaidi and Saleh Qadri rely on their resources to keep elephants out of their villages. “We often told about elephant fights in our village, but there was no response from the government,” Saleh said. “Conflict, always conflict. We are tired of this. We hope the government can help farmers like us.”

Noordin says elephants can leave Zod Greg’s village eight weeks after entering it. They found the neighbors on a trip to the Paya Bagung area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Aceh, where a major infrastructure project is being built.

To prevent annual flooding in the northern Aceh city of Loxukon, officials are building the Krung Curato Reservoir in Paya Pakung, which will stop the movement of livestock. “It’s a dead end. They have to go back to Zod Greg and finally to Langakan, where they can’t cross the river and start the journey again,” Noordin said.

“Pity the elephants everywhere,” he said. “I don’t know where to go.”

Sumatran Elephant Found Poisoned In Indonesia


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