How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World – In Latin America, the Protected Area covers more land than any other region of the world, but success is not enough to ensure the future of the jaguar. which is the biggest cat in America

In the past, healthy jaguar populations were found from the southwestern United States to Argentina. Currently there are only 64,000 of them.

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

Existing specimens are found in nature, and almost 90% are confined to Amazonia. especially in Brazil

A Few Jaguars Now Roam The Arizona Borderlands—why That’s A Big Deal

Today’s jaguars occupy half of the animal’s territory in history. The fragmentation of the territory makes these cats more vulnerable. Because they could not hunt and breed in small areas in just two decades. The jaguar population has decreased by 25%.

Urban sprawl and agriculture are to blame. But criminal groups also affect races. The jaguar was revered by ancient pre-Hispanic cultures as a symbol of power associated with the gods. Today, jaguars face the greed of human traffickers who sell their body parts to hungry Asian markets for their medicinal value.

Twenty years ago, subpopulations of species were interconnected. An important place for the conservation of jaguar gene flow is Panama. A country full of tropical forests that connect the northern and southern parts of the continent.

But the rapid urban and industrial development of Panama is concentrated on the shores of the interoceanic canal. The jaguar population (which crosses the country from coast to coast) has created an indestructible barrier to mating and interaction between jaguar populations.

Wildfires And Habitat Loss Are Killing Jaguars In The Amazon Rainforest

It has been 10 years since the last jaguar was found in a natural park near the Panama Canal. The race was forced to seek refuge in the southernmost part of the country. and in some remote areas, said Ricardo Moreno, a researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and founder of the Yaguara Foundation. which is an organization dedicated to monitoring and verifying the protection of wild cats

The problem spread throughout the region and led to another major threat: conflict between jaguars and livestock. because of the loss of territory and natural prey. For this reason, jaguars are forced to eat domestic animals and immediately become victims of human reprisals. Since 1989, 360 jaguars have died because of the painful vines in Panama.

The Yaguará Foundation and Panama’s Ministry of the Environment have been working together since last year to monitor the cat population and educate farmers about the importance of this species. Together with other local organizations, they set up a station. He set up 500 “traps” in the forest and created a new communication channel for farmers to formally ask for help before opting for guns.

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

While government scientists and conservationists work to conserve the jaguar and its habitat in Latin America. Another danger loomed over the cat. That is, poaching to smuggle more people.

How The Jaguar, King Of The Forest, Might Save Its Ecosystem

Ban on the world trade in jaguars Since the species enjoys the highest level of international protection, however, there is a growing black market sale of drugs made from their bodies and exports to Asia of body parts such as and fangs and genitals. Moreno of the Smithsonian Institution describes this new threat as the “Quiet Death of a Jaguar”.

Products derived from cat parts, such as fat, are available in small markets. The almost entirely Chinese Panamanian community in the Darien rainforest. which also covers part of Colombia, Moreno said.

In the next few years, hunting could become the first threat to the jaguar. warned another biologist, Enzo Aliaga-Rossel. Research Associate at the Institute of Ecology of the University of San Andres in Bolivia.

Currently, between 2,000 and 3,000 jaguars are registered in the Andean country. but from the number of captured tusks, poaching has probably killed more than 200 of these jaguars in recent years, Aliaga-Rossel calculates.

Nat Geo Wild: ‘jaguar Vs. Croc’ Is A Battle Between Two Predators

“The smuggling of jaguar tusks can be linked to the recent entry of Chinese companies involved in large development projects. A large number of Chinese workers can translate into many customers of wildlife products and potential traders,” he said.

The poachers profit greatly from the poverty of the Bolivian peasants. Traffickers offer large sums of money in exchange for jaguar carcasses. And they do it in public spaces and use community radio stations.

“The tiger population has decreased drastically due to traffic. We fear that the jaguar will suffer the same fate if immediate precautions are not taken,” warned Aliaga-Rossel.

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

Great efforts are made to protect the species. Thanks to these initiatives, for example, in Mexico, the jaguar population has doubled since 2002, reaching 4,000.

Jaguars Seen Back In U.s. Decades After Being Hunted Out

“Mexico invests a lot in the conservation of the jaguar. Because the jaguar is a symbolic animal,” explains Antonio de la Torre from the Institute of Ecology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

This institution is one of the most successful projects for the protection of cats in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in the Yucatan Peninsula. Six hundred jaguars live in this green paradise. Conservation efforts began 20 years ago.

“Successful projects combine scientific research. environmental management measures and public policies in a long-term vision, but above all they want the involvement of the local community”, adds de la Torre.

In addition to the efforts of countries in the Amazon basin, which is the largest jaguar stronghold in the world, a number of initiatives are helping the jaguar population, which was once in decline, to grow again. This was the case with Iguaçu National Park in Brazil and Gran Chaco in Paraguay.

Road To Recovery In Latin America

Protecting big cats is the call for this year’s World Wildlife Day on March 3. these symbols

The UN’s Wild for Life campaign for the environment fights to protect the world’s big cats. with worldwide call to stop illegal human trafficking A jaguar named Valerio roams a wildlife sanctuary in Sonora, Mexico, just outside the United States. Southwest of North America has long been the home of jaguars. And these animals can come back – if we let them.

When Ganesh Marin, a biologist, first noticed a jaguar in a reserve in northern Sonora. Mexico in 2020, I was happy. The cat continues to appear on Marin’s camera trap grids along the Arizona border. This indicates that he makes the region his home. Marin nicknamed the jaguar El Bonito, Spanish for “beautiful.”

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

But in 2021, Marin, a National Geographic explorer, noticed something strange. on photos The dot pattern appears to vary slightly from image to image. Further investigation confirmed that he did not actually see the two male jaguars.

Environmentalists Want Jaguars Reintroduced To U.s. Southwest

It was interesting to see the development of Bonito through the camera.

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Ancient art has been around for thousands of years. At that time it was forbidden in religious ceremonies and celebrated as a symbol of love.

Pantanal, Brazil: Jaguars And Giant Otters

The cross between the African wild cat and the domestic cat is undoubtedly beautiful and playful, but prohibited in some places.

Millions of people around the world earn a living by sorting waste and selling it. which plays an important role in supporting waste management, but has been forced by government policies.

The innovative technique extracts human DNA from bone artifacts. This gives scientists an unparalleled view of the individual owner or creator of objects from the deep past. A panther study reveals that 1,470 jaguars in the Brazilian Amazon were killed or displaced entirely between 2016 and 2019 due to fires and deforestation.

How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organization with other institutions The jaguar population was estimated on a satellite image database.

The Only Wild Jaguar In The United States Has A Taste For Bears

This assessment led to the discovery of 1,470 jaguars that were displaced or killed. Many people are killed due to habitat loss, fires and human conflicts.

Fernando Tortato, a panther conservation scientist and co-author of the study, said: “Headlines about fires that destroy habitat are widespread. Even the rapid numbers of wildlife and human communities have become the new normal in the world, with the “season of fire” that occurs as a perennial state. But as our research shows, the level of jaguar losses, with at least 300 dead or displaced each year, does not It’s not a norm we can accept.”

The Brazilian Amazon is in critical danger of being destroyed. So much so that animal habitats and biodiversity cannot be created.

It’s not just jaguars or other endangered species. It also puts the communities that live there at the same risk as the indigenous peoples who depend on the Amazon.

Will The Jaguar Return To The American Southwest?

This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed before the entire Amazon is taken over and destroyed. Eliminate what is truly irreplaceable.

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How Many Jaguars Are Left In The World

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