Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels

Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels – We believe that Nepal offers a rare opportunity for a select group of people to have an unheard of experience.

We have the opportunity to reach the Mustang Valley, the “forbidden country” of Nepal, an area that was inaccessible until recently.

Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels

Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels

Mustang Kingdom, officially known as Loi Kingdom, is open to a select few tourists each year.

Shangri La Enduro

The last real kingdom in Tibet. A small area in Nepal, it was previously closed off from the rest of the world until 1992.

Stay at local tea houses and get a special permit to cycle/hike up to the northern border of Tibet where you will find yourself at the Kali Gandaki River (the beginning of the deepest canyon on earth). We finish with a 3-day descent to 4656 meters on the east side of the Annapurna Trek. A lucky few have had the opportunity to see this precious gem still preserved in the Annapurna Himalayas, located on the border of the Tibetan Plateau and Nepal.

Upper Mustang Kingdom was once a forbidden area and now offers a great opportunity to see and experience the untouched lifestyle of the local people, which influences their social habits of life as well as religious and cultural realities.

It is combined with unique scenery creating natural Himalayan cycling trails. Upper Mustang is a “bucket list” sport for riders around the world.

The Yak Attack: 10 Days In Nepal

Matthew Stewart talks to his uncle Peter Stewart about the family’s long history, connection with Nepal and the inspiration behind our experiences in Nepal.

What is a vague experience? We believe we can achieve more than just “hitting the target”. What matters is the memories you make with the person you travel with.

We believe that when you create an experience that meets the above criteria, it becomes a lasting memory. For the past few years, a road connecting Tibet and Nepal passes through the Upper Kaligandak Valley. Mustang. . On the dirt road to Low Mantang, Upper Mustang mountain biking is one of the popular activities. Many people from all over the world visit Nepal to ride mountain bikes on country roads like Mustang. Similarly, challenging hills and endless hills make mountain biking popular in Nepal.

Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels

Mustang is also known as the Forbidden Country of Nepal. The landscape of discoveries in this area makes for great mountain biking. It offers beautiful landscapes, hospitable and friendly people, diverse cultures and traditions. Unlike other places in Nepal, it is not only exciting but also exciting to spend your vacation in the desert. A restricted lifestyle, Upper Mustang mountain biking can be challenging, but the experience is worth it.

Adventure To The ‘last Forbidden Kingdom’: Trekking Nepal’s Upper Mustang

In the morning after breakfast, we will drive to Pokhara, which is a 6 hour journey, we will reach Pokhara through various villages on the river highway. After that he will go around the bank of the lake and sleep there.

Morning flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, today we will fly to Jong. The flight to Jomsom takes about 20 minutes with views of Dhaulagiri and other mighty snow-capped peaks. After reaching Jomsom, we will go to Jong by Kagbeniriding cycle. From Gandaki River to Kagbeni smooth road and from Kagbeni to Jong rough road we reach Jong. Night at Jong.

Today is the best day of our trip. The drive is a bit difficult as the road climbs up to the Gu La pass. After that there will be a steep hill climb to Tetang and Chusang. From Chusang we go to Samar. Overnight stay in Samar.

Today we will pass through 4 different mountain passes before reaching Gam. It’s a tough day, but the sight and volunteering makes you happy. We will reach the dam and spend the night.

Nepal Mountain Bike Holidays In Mustang Himalaya

Today’s hike will be easy as the trails only have one climb. After a pleasant and easy journey with beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, we reach Charang. Spend the night in Charang.

Today we will drive from Charang to Lo Manthang. After breakfast we will cross the high mountain range i.e. Lo La pass. Then we will descend and descend to Lo Manthang. There we will visit monasteries and more, eat and explore. Running night.

In the morning after breakfast we depart for a day trip to Digau. Today is hard to get off with beautiful scenery and riverside. After that he will go back to Lo Manthang and sleep.

Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels

Today we will go to Ghom and explore the monastery, cave and other places. We will visit Tibetan Buddhist Culture and Culture. After that we go to the historical and natural area of ​​the region. After that he will go back to Lo Manthang and sleep.

Sky Kingdoms Bicycle Trip

After breakfast in the morning, we will explore Lo Manthang one last time and return to Gham via the same route before arrival.

Returning on the same route as before, after breakfast we will drive back to Samar from Gami.

Early morning we will have breakfast and drive back to Jong from Samar. From there will return to Jomsom and sleep.

In the morning we will fly from Jomsom to Pokhara and Kathmandu. Mountain biking to Upper Mustang offers an opportunity to explore the rich cultural traditions and lifestyle of the Tibetans as well as the native scenery and architectural heritage.

Annapurna Circuit With Upper Mustang Mountain Biking

Enjoying enchanting valleys, beautiful high mountains, ancient Buddhist monasteries, caves, Lo-Manthang Palace, green fields of barley and mustard and various beautiful scenery, Upper Mustang offers amazing cycling tours. , and suburban villages with beautiful whitewashed houses.

For those who are truly passionate and passionate about Himalayan mountain biking, Upper Mustang Mountain Biking offers you an endless cycling experience.

Our staff will meet you and take you to your hotel, relax, unwind and explore your hotel’s surroundings. Buy Kathmandu.

Mountain Biking In Mustang: Exploring The Forbidden Kingdom On Two Wheels

Today after breakfast we will explore the Kathmandu Valley with a guided tour of the valley’s major World Heritage Sites. As the Kathmandu Valley is a beautiful blend of Hinduism and Buddhism, we will visit historical sites: Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) and the largest Buddhanath Temple in the world. We also need this date to proceed with the Restricted Area Permit. We sleep in a hotel.

Himalayan Trails (kathmandu)

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for a short scenic flight to Pokhara. Pokhara is one of the beautiful cities surrounded by many lakes with a beautiful view of the Annapurna mountain range. Pokhara is known as a hub for sports enthusiasts. When we reach Pokhara, our representative will take you to your hotel. After some rest, we will explore the interesting Pokhara region. Surrounded by the majestic Machapuchre and Annapurna Himalayas, Pokhara is characterized by its peaceful atmosphere and unique climate. We will spend the night near Lakeside Hotel.

Early in the morning we depart for the airport by private car and take a scenic 20-minute flight to Jomsom. The flight offers a beautiful view of Dhaulagiri and several snow-capped mountains. After arriving in Jomsom, we will have breakfast and spend some time assembling the bikes for the trip. We started the cycling journey along the Kaligandaki River in a flat area and walked steadily for about 2 hours to Kagbeni. Once you arrive in Kagben, you can spend free time exploring the Tibetan countryside. We spend the night in a guest house.

Today after a sumptuous breakfast we depart for Samar. From Kagbeni you enter the restricted area of ​​Upper Mustang. There are several uphill and downhill trails that lead you to the village of Thangbe (3060m). After trekking up and down, you will reach Chuksang village (2980m) which offers beautiful whitewashed houses and beautiful fields.

After several ups and downs along the Kali Gandaki river, you will reach Chele village. From Chele, the road climbs to the Chele La pass (3630 m/11, 909 ft). After crossing the mountains from Chele La, the road enters a large side valley and descends to Samar (3620m/11,876ft) where you will enjoy. Beautiful view of Annapurna range from a distance captured by Neil Giri.

Meet National Geographic 2018 Adventurer Of The Year Mountain Biker Rajesh Magar

Today we continue climbing the hills. We cross four roads: Taklam La 3624 m (11,889 ft), Dajori La 3735 m (12,253 ft), Bhena La 3860 m (12,664 ft), and finally Yamda La 3860 m (12,664 ft), following a short ascent. . and below. We make a short hike to Sianboche La, a steady jeep track leads to an easy ride through open valley and barley fields to Geeling.

From here to 4010 we take the jeep track to Ni La

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